The US carried out an Airstrike with Syria

The US carried out an airstrike. Targetted Iran-backed militias in Syria. This is the first military action under Biden’s administration.

The Airstrike against Iran was to destroy the facilities near the Iraqi border. Made for Iranian-backed militia groups. The Pentagon said the fight was because of the rocket attack in Iraq earlier that wounded U.S service members. The move was limited. Also, it gave relief to the Iraq government because the move was against Iran, as Iraq carries out its own investigation because of the attack on 15 Feb that wounded many US officials. ” President Joe Biden approved by the Airstrike” Sources said. 

One official said that attack was in response to the rocket attack. Moreover, these revenge acts by the U.S.A had occurred many times in the past few years. 

On Feb 15, a rocket hit the U.S military region killing one non-American and also injuring many American contractors and a U.S service member.

Moreover, “President Biden will act and will make a decision that is in favour of the U.S.A in order to protect the country. We will try to de-escalate the situation in Syria and Iran” Pentagon said.

One of the officials said that strikes hit along the border. It was between Syrian city of Boukamal and the Iraqi town of Qaim. 22 fighters are killed. 

The airstrike took over many fighters. Moreover, People find it a bad sign of the new administration policies of the U.S.A. As well as this shows the aggression of the U.S.A.

Also, the Russian Press Secretary said,” the U.S should give at least, four or five minutes warning and also should spell out its plans for the region”. 

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