Library in a Hair-Salon? This Tamil Nadu Man has Done it

A hairdresser, P Ponmariappan lives in Tamil Nadu. He owns a salon. Fun part is that, he has maintained a library in his salon.

P Ponmariappan promotes reading. Moreover, he wants every youth to develop a reading habit. In addition to this, he has a very descent collection of books with him. He has around 800 books and he gives 30% discounts to the customers reading those books. Additionally, he asks customers to give their honest feedback for the same.

More About this Resourceful Tamil Barber

Poverty is the reason that he could not study after class VIII. On the other hand, his obsession for knowledge made him set up an audio system in the salon. In that audio system, he played speeches of different Tamil Speakers. Some of them include Sugi Sivam, Nellai Kannan, Tamilaruvi Manian, and many more.

In addition, he got the idea of opening a library after reading a book called Puthagamae Thunai. This book depicts the message A book is a good companion.

“I didn’t have the opportunity to opt for higher education, yet I understood that books can assist you with going far in improving your insight. Afterward, I began gathering books and supported school understudies and youths to understand them,”

– said Ponmariappan.

What is More

He make students to prepare a brief note about whatever they have read in the books he provide in his salon. Hence, it motivates other people/students to read that particular book.

Six years back he collected around 250 books. After his continuous efforts, he has not a decent collection of about 850 books. These books contain autobiographies of pronounced leaders in English as well as ample of books in the Tamil language.

Bundles of people have appreciated his efforts in doing this novel work. Also, Tuticorin MP Kanimozhi has donated around 50 books.

All in all, the salon owner want to promote reading so that each one of us become smart and do something good in our lives that he failed to do.

Author – Ojas singh visen

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