TMC supporters protest: Came out with a large force at Raj Bhavan

TMC supporters protest and gathered in force in front of Raj Bhavan on Tuesday to protest keeping the Covid-19 restrictions in Kolkata at risk. They requested the release of key party officials as a reason.

For the 2016 Narada sting case, prominent party leaders have been arrested. Kolkata is now experiencing two protests. One is at the Nizam Palace’s CBI office, while the other is at Raj Bhavan.

After studying the current situation in Kolkata, Abhishek took to Twitter and asked everyone to follow the state’s norms and regulations in order to keep Covid-19 under control. He also added that we have complete faith in the judiciary and that the struggle would be conducted in a legal manner.

TMC supporters protest
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As soon as the insurgents attempted to enter Raj Bhavan and the Nizam Palace, state minister, and TMC president Chandrima Bhattacharya declared that she would take legal action against the CBI personnel who had detained the aforementioned politicians at the PM’s request.

The focal point of TMC supporters protest

Nizam Palace is currently the focal point of the protests. Raj Bhavan, on the other hand, has begun to collect the toll. TMC workers also climbed to the top of Raj Bhavan’s three gates and blocked them. After witnessing all of this, a police officer stated that the North Gate has the greatest number of demonstrators. Furthermore, they initially only blocked the road, but then began climbing the Raj Bhavan gates.

Many demonstrators rolled over the roads and set fire to tyres in Chetla. They inquired as to why Suvendu Adhikari and Mukul Roy had not been apprehended. Apparently, a few TMC supporters got into a scuffle with CBI agents who arrived at the minister’s home.

Kolkata’s environment isn’t great, therefore I’m hoping that everything will return to normal as soon as possible.

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