Transgender Category added in Gender (options) in Assam

The Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) includes the Transgender option in the gender category. They add it to the state civil and allied services examination application form.

The Commission issued an afterword on 15th September. As mentioned above, it is issued to include transgender in the gender category. Also, for the first time in the Combined Competitive (Preliminary) Examinations 2020. 

An official said, ”UPSC has already introduced this option in the hiring process. Moreover, the APSC is the first state commission to do the same.”  

Despite all these, Bhattacharya said, “We have received 42 applications in this category for hiring”.

If we consider the social and economic status of the community in the state, it is a amazing news of 42 applications of transgender. Assam state transgender welfare board, Swati Bidhan Baruah said this. Till the last day on 25th October, all in all, 85,000 applicants have submitted the forms. Moreover, this will fall under the category of development. Additionally, SOP’s should be implemented to prevent misuse of this.

Opinions of Central Armed Forces regarding transgender

Image is regarding the rights of transgender

In July this year, the Union home ministry asked central armed forces like CRPF, SSB etc about the implementation of Transgender as the third category.

In order to take some final decision departments have to give their opinions soon.

Noida’s sector-50 M Station for Transgenders

Pic is of a member of transgender community.

Lately, UP government dedicated Noida’s Sector-50 metro station only for transgenders. The main idea is to connect transgender to mainstream sections of the society.

These all are some measure steps by government. Hence, to bring transgenders to connect with society.

Furthermore, In April 2020, DoPT (Department of Personnel and Training) issued a letter to all Central Government to include Transgender as a separate category of gender. And now the final and the big step to include a Transgender option in gender category is in force.

Kudos! Government to take some good yet important decisions.

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