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Take every chance you get in life because something only happens once : Adventure”  


 Life is either a great adventure or nothing! Adventure comes where we go-ahead to explore our dreams and live them. Not realizing where this world takes you away. No matter how far you go, we go with our whole heart.

Welcome to the world of Travel and Adventure

Travelling doesn’t become an adventure until you leave yourself behind. You do so to discover the essence of being a wanderlust. It is something you do like breathing. Being wanderlust is a strong desire to travel, or explore the world. We all have a dream to travel across the world. To have a world tour with our dear ones, and make plans for our desired places.

 When you commit to a life of travel, you have to accept that it won’t always be a smooth operation. Some trips go perfectly without a single problem, but many don’t. The best solution to most travel problems is preparation. Sometimes you’ll need to be creative and resourceful with your solutions. So how could we tackle those problems? Above all, making our trip the best and memorable one.

Let’s see.

Common problems faced by Adventurers & How to avoid them

Jet Lag issue

USA – 2011: Doug Griswold illustration of a man suffering jet lag. (Bay Area News Group/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Prepare yourself for the new time zone by changing your watch to your destination’s time halfway through the plane journey.

Travel Sickness during Adventure

Breathe fresh air if possible: open a window of your car. During flights, turn on the air vent above your seat, as the feeling of cool air on your face. Carry a first aid box with you.


Sponge your sore skin with cool water, then apply after sun cream or aloe vera. 

Food Poisoning

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling food.  Always look for good hygiene ratings.    

Altitude Sickness

Avoid flying into direct areas of high altitude. Drink plenty of water and eat a light but high-calorie diet.

It is truly said that we travel not to escape life, but our life not to escape us. A traveler sees what he sees. But a tourist sees what he has come to see.

TO TRAVEL is TO LIVE. Leaving behind the footprints for the world to follow it. With the collection of memories conquering the destination. As not all who wander are lost. Some are meant to create history.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take on the appropriate time. As success comes when preparation meets opportunities!


AUTHOR : Aashi Bansal


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