Twitter Account of PM Narendra Modi got Hacked

Hackers infiltrated the personal website account of the Indian PM on Twitter, this Thursday. While this may be true, John Wick(name of the hacker group) has come out as the culprit in the picture. Simultaneously, Twitter had already observed false activities. It has ensured taking steps to safeguard the affected account.

About the Incident

As per The Indian Express, the hacker group successively made tweets. In addition, these tweets demanded donations from the followers for an emergency fund. Also, Cryptocurrency was specified as the mode of payment. At the moment, the account has a following of 2.5 million and follows 968 accounts.

Another tweet read as– “Yes, this account is hacked by John Wick ([email protected]), We have not hacked Paytm Mall”.

Earlier Mishaps on Twitter

In July, the hacking of various famous figures’ accounts took place across the globe. However, Twitter stated that there is no sign of the relationship between those and Modiji’s account incident.

Cyble, an IT security organization confirmed that the John Wick group created data leakage at Paytm mall. It is a division of the e-commerce company Paytm. Although, there were no security failures as declared by Paytm mall. Moreover, on possible arguments of data leakage, Paytm mall carried out surveys.

Concurrently, in the month of July, Hackers snooped inside the internal framework of Twitter. They misused the account of many recognized personalities. Hackers misused the identities of some employees to enter the system. Specifically, they acquired the intel of Twitter’s functioning. Finally, they maltreated 130 accounts, tweeted from 45, and downloaded data from 7. They also reached for the inbox service of 36.

Twitter’s Expression

After the occurrence of the recent event, a representative from Twitter gave the following statement.

“We’re aware of this activity and have taken steps to secure the compromised account. We are actively investigating the situation. At this time, we are not aware of additional accounts being impacted. Advice on keeping your account secure can be found here”

Authored By: Ayush Joshi

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References:Indian Express

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