Twitter makes a Written Apology over the Depiction of Ladakh in China

Previously, the social media giant made an incorrect depiction. Specifically, it displayed Leh and Ladakh in China’s region. A month later, the Parliamentary Panel of India received an apology from Twitter. They have assured the central government about solving the lapse. Furthermore, they will make the necessary correction by this month’s end.

Meenakshi Lekhi is the Chairperson of the Joint Committee of Parliament on Data Protection Bill. In this regard, she stated that;

We have received an affidavit from Twitter where they have accepted their mistake of wrongly geo-tagging a part of Ladakh and showing it as part of China… They have informed that they will rectify it by November 30.

Source- ANI

The joint committee condemns the shocking act of the social media platform. Also, they equated this as an act of treachery against the nation. With this in mind, they asked for an apology from Twitter in a testimonial form.

The members from Twitter India appeared and asked for forgiveness from the committee. But this was already marked as an unlawful act. Therefore, the council strongly mentioned that apology should come from Twitter Inc rather than from their Indian working unit.

This is not the first instance where Twitter has upset Indian sentiments. Earlier, users attacked them for presenting J & K, the People’s Republic of China. This incident occurred during live streaming from Leh’s Hall of Fame in the Union Territory of Ladakh. In truth, it is a war memorial for showing respect to Indian martyrs.

At the same time, Twitter stated that it all happened due to technicalities.

Twitter showing J & K , People's Republic of China
Credits- News Bharati

Prime Response from Twitter

Above all, the company does understand that India is a potential market for them. For the current issue, they justified by saying that ‘the issue was caused due to a software error combined with imperfect data resulting in an incorrect geo-tag’.

To illustrate,

In the last few weeks, we have worked towards resolving the geo-tag issue in a manner wherein Leh as well as other cities in the Union Territory of Ladakh will now accurately show with their respective city name, state, and country. In addition to this, we are also reviewing the geo-tag for various other cities in Jammu and Kashmir. This work is already in progress and we are targeting November 30, 2020, to complete this exercise.

As responded by Twitter

Moreover, they strongly regret the fault from their end and are apologetic for the moral damage.

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References-> PTI, ANI

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