Warning: You are Losing Yourself by not (using) Reading

Author: Ayush Joshi

The advancement in technologies over the centuries have brought comfort to the physical state of the human being. But what about the mental capabilities? Is it really evolving?

Ironically, the social media which was designed to bring people closer together is having adverse effects on them. Spending too much time on social platforms is causing frustration, loneliness, and the death of ethics. So, its high time to keep check of your lifestyle.

One would ask, “What should I do instead“? Or I don’t have people of my age present around me.

René Descartes, the infamous French philosopher once said-“The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest (people) of the past centuries.”

Within a click, you might find hundreds of thousands of reasons to read, but here we summarize four sure shot reasons to start reading pronto!

Develops Optimistic Approach Towards Life

There are a lot of people who are less confident in any situation that life throws at them. Nowadays, social media is popping up which is an unproductive use of time. It gives no food of knowledge. Contrarily, reading fulfills your mind with information and new ways to solve problems. It can change yours I CAN’T attitude to I CAN. So, reading, all in all, enhances your personality.

Reading Makes You SMARTER

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Having knowledge about life can take you in a totally different dimension. It will not only enhance your communication skills but also vocabulary. This outdoes the language development which in turn affects writing and reading skills.

Memory Booster

A fact states that over 90% of people’s brain is filled with negative and worthless things because they spend excessive time on social media. When you read, you understand the plot of the book, the characters, the sequence, and many other things. Eventually, your brain learns to remember all this and making your memory better.

Keeping Up With the Technology

Overcoming the addiction to social media is a tough row to hoe. What to do in that case?.Simply, plug into an Audiobook. Yes, you heard it right!. To pace up with technology, books are also being modified. They might not be as comprehensive as reading, but good listeners do turn into great leaders. With a little less surfing you can get them for free. Hence, saving your money on hard copies too!


Social media is a short term fantasy. It just aids in the building of castles in the air. On the contrary, books are written from the depth of heart and purely a conscience of reality. A wise man once said, “A life long learner is a lifelong winner”. So, Grab a book now and let the inner you see through a new horizon.

Happy Reading!

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Ayush Joshi
Mr. Joshi is one of the vital members of Akashbaani for the last 8 months. His writings cover Books, Space, Technology, and most importantly trending news around the globe. Above all, he is working relentlessly so that Akashbaani can see new horizons each day.
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