We all know how this pandemic has turned the life of people almost upside down. Everyone here is aware of the harsh impacts of this COVID-19 on the whole world. In these surroundings where nothing good seems to be going on. It is very difficult to have positive thoughts. Because it all just fills one’s mind with the thoughts of negativity only. But, people need to know that their inner negativity is going to take their life before this pandemic does. So, it is very difficult but important to have positivity in this novel coronavirus.

Various ways are there that can help stay positive. Just the will and ways are required to spread positivity all over your mind and soul. Many people are also working on themselves and pushing all the negativity away in many ways. Because during such times optimism is not a friend or something it’s all within us.

To be able to stay positive in such hard times, it takes every ounce of energy within us.


Many of us have been spending us all day long just around the news hour to learn more about the dangers of the coronavirus. To stay aware of its consequences and affects we all just keep on going through the latest news. And, it is important too to have a better knowledge of the virus that has put a pause to everyone and end to many lives.

But being honest, each time you look at the news, there will be always new news of doom & gloom-filled of death and ailments. And, it will work as a source of negativity to you every time you see it. So, you should actively avoid spending every waking movement looking up 24 -hour news. Also, a lot of rumors are going around with fake news that may panic you unnecessarily. Instead, it’s better to choose a single source and decide how much limited time you will spend with it each day.

Because every other source will give you another chance to pour all the negativity into you.


You are a  lot stronger than you may even think. It’s fairly easy to engage in the hopelessness that this pandemic brings but hope goes a long way. That’s what keeps us going in this tough time. Get hope from your past resilience. Know that you are going to get through all this. As you have gone through so many things in the past with the help of your inner strength, you will conquer this too.

You should know that everyone here is fighting their battle. You are going to make your way through it just like you made it through before. And, you are stronger because of it.


There is an abundance of time you have got. As you are at your home all the time. You all might be spending all your day long just by thinking about how to make use of the time effectively. Now you have got the time to work on everything you have neglected in the past due to lack of time. Pick up your hobby & passion and start working on it. There is nothing more than this that can make you happier I guess. Work on yourself.  We all neglect ourselves in this surrounding race of a busy life. So, here is the time to focus on that.

Of course, we are not on a vacation to enjoy and have fun all the time instead this is a time of crisis. Many people have worked great by using social media as a great platform to show their talent. People are posting their cooking tips, poetry items, dancing videos, singing melodies. And, this all makes themselves as well as others too happy. Also, it arises the interest in others to start with their stuff.

So, this is also a great way of spreading positivity in yourself and all around.


The Internet is a great source, right? Then why not use it in a way that would help us stay a happy positive being. Little babies’ videos can always make you smile and laugh right? A lot of ways to smile and laugh are there. Watching videos can relieve your mind a lot.

Got an exam and need to take a break? Watch a fun video. Had a stressful day and need to relax? Watch a fun video. Got a pandemic that might crush your head? It can always help to take your mind off of every stressful thing or situation going around. Allow happiness to seep through your soul in these dark times. Remember what Dumbledore said?

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.


If you are having a 3-time meal and a roof to live under and your immune system can put up flight against the Coronavirus, you are incredibly lucky. But many are there who aren’t as lucky as you. If you are capable enough to help, then be a lucky person to them. Help those who can’t even afford each time meal. Help them by providing food, clothes, and whatever you can. Many poor people are not even able to afford today’s basic needs to survive. You can provide them face masks and sanitizers.

This helping of others will give you a lot of self-satisfaction. And, there is no better way to positivity than self-satisfaction I guess. So, you should go for it because that smile on their face is going to make you smile too.


By kindness, it doesn’t mean to help others or doing something great. Kindness starts with your little steps and ends with the happiness of others and you too. You can just start with a thank you to the one who deserves it. Your kindness doesn’t desire a monetary outlet. You can send a note of appreciation to one of your friends who is trying great. Wrap a gift to the delivery person who is working on the pandemic just to ensure your safety. They are delivering whatever you need at your doorstep so that you don’t have to step out.

Thank your security guard with chocolate for checking on your security when you are sleeping and enjoying your day & night without fear. Your thoughtfulness and generosity towards others can also be a great way to happiness and positivity.


At the end of your every day, have a positive acknowledgment of something you have accomplished and learned. Be grateful for all that. Take your time to pat your own back for whatever new you have explored and worked on. If you are happy and satisfied with yourself and your work, nothing is going to have its negative impact on you.

So, be thankful to yourself that you are still surviving and still breathing in these days where there is a great danger to life outside. It will help you to come out of the negativity that has seeped into you and remind you that everything isn’t bad. There are still reasons to stay happy, to smile, and to stay positive. 

To sum it all up, no problem is bigger than you. If you think of going through it with positivity, there is no way back. The power of positivity and happiness is more than enough to win any kind of battle. After all, it is all in your head. So, you just need to make a strong will.

And, there you go!



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