What Can Africa Expect from Joe-Biden Presidency

Africa and the United States of America relations have witnessed various ups and downs. Still, Africa has always been a strategic partner of the U.S. The downfall was relevant in the America-Africa relations during the Trump administration.

Can Joe-Biden winning the Presidential-Elections be seen as an opportunity to strengthen America-Africa ties?

The Trump Administration

How America-Africa faced a downfall during the Trump Administration. What were the areas of benefit?

‘America First’ agenda of the Donald Trump term is considered an important explanation for ignorance in building relations with Africa in favor of both countries.

 While the truth can be different by acknowledging that the U.S. was developing relations with other countries which no prior yore. Despite a continued ignorance, policies like BUILD Act doubled the investment limit added to regions in Africa.

When no visit was made by Donald Trump to Africa, first lady Melania Trump visited the African countries focusing on issues like health and education. All in all, Major focuses like democracy, corruption, health, education and overall development was almost negligible in the previous 4 years.  Instead, rules to Immigration worsened. African people lacked trust in Trump’s presidential term and relations with the United Nations.

The victory of Joe Biden as the 46th president has grown anticipations of better and strategic ties of the Nations. The African people seem to expect a lot from the Biden-Harris administration.

The Joe-Biden Administration

What Africa could expect after the Joe-Biden victory as the president of America.

The victory of democrats instilled hopes in the Africans. Kamala Harris– the chosen Vice-president surely marks the diversity of the upcoming Joe-Biden administration.

Biden has promised to work or on issues like immigration laws during the Mr. Trump administration. Also, during his political career of more than 40 years, he has constantly shown support towards the African people. He even stated that it’s not the country but it’s the citizens that they need to work with.

Biden is the new hope for Africans. He has always spoken for human rights and development for all. Since the start of his political career, he has raised a voice on a lot of issues. These include corruption, health, Democracy, and many more. A supporter of diversity seems to be the right president to accelerate the bilateral relations of the two countries.

However, Joe-Biden as president of America may work in ways to support and accelerate the American economy first. The state of Afro- Americans and the division in the country might turn up in the right direction.

Too Early for Africa to Celebrate

Still,  ‘America First’ could also be a part of the policies of the new administration. Slightly lesser and more strategically it may be. Nonetheless, it is too early to anticipate all good for Africa. Even when chances are likely to be in favor of Africa.

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Feature Image Reference->Al Jazeera

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