What Everyone Ought to Know About Women Empowerment

India- the mother of most ancient civilizations in the world. Renowned for rich heritage and tradition, its history has brought forth great warriors and leaders. But is it the history that literally gave birth to them? Sadly, the patriarchal society has always suppressed the identity of women and their contributions. On the flip side, slow but effective changes in The Fabulous East is persistently lifting their status.

Through this article, we will take you on a historical to the modern and futuristic journey of women empowerment.

In the context of the Indian subcontinent

People used to say boxing is for men and not for women and I thought I will show them someday. I promised myself and I proved myself.- Mary Kom

The History

Gender biasses date back its origin from the early Vedic period. One can easily deduce the decline in the status of women. Firstly, Society marked men as dominant. Secondly, They did all the earnings . On the other hand, women are limited to the production of heirs and their nourishment.

In socio-economic and political development fields they were not allowed. Kitchen, and Marriage –The only fields in which they are inspired to dream and excel.

Its 19th century now. India is suffering from the tortures of the colonial East India company. During this period, our society witnessed a drastic change. The British lifestyle influenced the new dawn of feminist India. This eventually strengthens the growth of massive social reforms (still headed mostly by men).

Mahatma Gandhi on women empowerment quoted that ‘Women are more fitted than men to make exploration and take bolder actions.’

Subsequently, Women are no more uneducated. They are actively engaged in political activities. Besides that, they are balancing alongside men in various other fields. Hence, contributing to the overall development and freedom of our motherland.

Matangiri Hazra, Kanaklata Barua, KR Chennamma, and many other resilient sacrificed themselves for the progress of our society and nation. In truth, Historians didn’t even care about forging their names on the same grounds(as for men).

In the 21st century, Around two decades have passed. Still, women don’t have the privilege to decide their fate. Misogynists insult them. Hence, considered as a passive gender by our isolationist society.

Domestic violence, dowry, and favoritism have still clutched the growth of feminism. Women haven’t secured their rightful positions in a lot many parts of our country. Moreover, many people raise questions against preconceptions. They will continue this way until the status of women reaches an honorable position.

Violence and aggression against women are wrong, yet people try to point fingers at the woman who comes out with it trying to make her sound frivolous and with an ulterior motive. Preity Zinta (Actor)

The Present (Recent Achievement)

Permanent Commission(PC) for Women officers in 8 more Army branches

On 24 July 2020, the defense ministry has finally issued the formal order to grant permanent commission to women officers. The governmentsanctioned letter states that women – short service commission officers will be granted PC if and only if found eligible by the selection board.

The eight additional branches are Army Air Defense(AAD), Signals, Engineers, Army Aviation, Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME), Army Service Corps (ASC), Army Ordinance. Corps(AOC) and Intelligence Corps.

In anticipation, the army HQ has already set motion a series of preparatory actions for the conduct of the PC selection board of eligible women officers.

Contrarily, women are still not allowed to join main combat arms like infantry, artillery, and armored corps in the army.

Added to this, they also cannot serve onboard warships and submarines in the navy.

The Future-Where women will stand?

Empowering women is a prerequisite for creating a good nation. When they are empowered, a society with stability is assured.- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Gender equality will impact India’s GDP hugely. The estimate is around $700 billion by 2025. But here comes one major issue and that is more than half of the women in India don’t have phones. In contrast to that, 80% don’t even use them to connect to the internet(lack of awareness).

As per the estimation, if women had as many phones as men have, it could generate $17 billion in revenue for phone companies in the coming 5 years down the line. Aside from that, there are social benefits as well.

90% of what women earn is spent on their families. While at the same time economically empowered women give rise to the demand. They have healthier and well-educated children and raise human development levels.

The government of India has already formulated a scheme to give direct benefits under the Jan Dhan Yojna. It is one great endeavor that has influenced women’s empowerment. Hopefully, It will bring about a change in the conventional Indian mindset.

Author: Ayush Joshi


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