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What guided Ambedkar to go all the way to draft the Constitution of India

From a normal village boy to an incredible person sought by the whole nation to draft the Constitution of India-what guided Ambedkar to be so and what ignited Ambedkar to rise up to draft the Constitution of India, which is the longest written Constitution in the world?

In the first place, the life journey of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar is incredible. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is also known as Babasaheb Ambedkar. He is the Father of the Indian Constitution. He is one of his kind of revolutionary, socialist, jurist, economist, politician, and social reformer who fought against the discrimination towards untouchables in India.



Early Life of Ambedkar

Firstly, Ambedkar was born on 14th April 1891 in Madhya Pradesh. He belonged to lower caste. During his school days, everyone in his school treated him differently. There Ambedkar experienced untouchability in schools. He was not allowed to sit inside the classroom and touch the water or the vessel that is containing the water. These incidents heavily affected young Ambedkar. It ignited inside him the thought to do the needy to develop and increase the status of untouchables across India.

Dream Big

Furthermore, Ambedkar was a visionary. He dreamt of seeing a casteless society. Ambedkar wanted discrimination to end. The untouchables should have equal status. They must have equal justice. Additionally, Ambedkar wanted equality in the educational institutions. And finally, he wanted social, economical, and democratic equality for the untouchables.

Working towards the goal

Ambedkar believed that only education can lift a persons’ status in society and nothing else will give a permanent solution for the unjust suffered by the lower caste people.

So, he started studying as no one else before did. He will be the only person in his college or class from a lower community to pursue education starting from his post-secondary education to various universities across the globe.

He graduated from the University of Bombay, post-graduation from the University of Columbia, and a doctorate in the London School of Economics.

A Visionary in himself

In particular, Ambedkar considered education as a movement against injustice in society. So, he concentrated on Economics and Social justice as key subjects up to his doctorate. He studied elaborately the situation and condition of the caste system in India. He presented his papers in his higher educations based on them.

Acting with persistence in Freedom Struggle

Futhermore, Ambedkar is compared with Martin Luther King of America. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar united the Indians during the freedom struggle. Caste, community, religion, etc divided Indians at that time.

He was able to achieve communal electorates among the backward classes during the British rule itself. He led the Mahar Satyagraha for demanding temple entry and use of common civil amenities by the lower classes.

Drafting of Indian Constitution

And finally, Ambedkar framed the Constitution of India. the Congress government called Ambedkar to preside over as the First Law Minister of Independent India and to draft the Indian constitution. The constitution of India is the longest one in the world. It is completely a written constitution.

Sharing the success

Furthermore, Ambedkar is a person who never leaves even an inch of a chance to improve his knowledge and fulfilling his dream of establishing a casteless society. By drafting the Indian constitution, Ambedkar very much contributed to social justice and equality. He opened all doors for the lower caste people.

Hence as a conclusion, Ambedkar is a revolutionary as said earlier. He took Education as his weapon and saved lakhs and lakhs of people in India from the throat of Discrimination. If it was not for Ambedkar, India wouldn’t have been one of the safe and secular countries in the world.

Authored by Indhirani K

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