What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Kargil War

Set in the backdrop of bloodshed and violence, the Kargil war was a three months-long battle. In this war, Indian soldiers established the triumph of the Indian motherland. July 26, 1999, is remembered and commemorated every year as Kargil Vijay Diwas.

“You have never lived until
You have almost died,
And for those who choose to fight,
Life has a special flavor,
The protected will never know!!!”- Capt. R Subramanium (Kirti Chakra)


Initiation of War

The mainspring of war was the intrusion of Pakistani’s soldier disguised as Kashmiri militants on the Indian LOC. The zeal to hold the leash of Siachen glacier, the craving for victory, and the essence of betrayal are some of the prime factors for this historical event. Afterward, The nuclear tests in 1998 that were conducted both by India and Pakistan made it worse.

When everything seemed to be lost, Both the countries signed the Lahore Declaration (February 1999) to provide peaceful solutions for Kashmir’s conflict. Firstly, Pakistan blamed that Kashmiri insurgents started the conflict. Secondly, Pakistan’s Prime Minister and Chief of Army manifested the involvement of Pakistani paramilitary forces. General Ashraf Rashid was the one who guided it.

However, the whole plan of attack from Pakistan was immense. These were the cruel intentions that hid behind the masks of religious propaganda.


America’s Diplomatic Contribution

When the US comes to the knowledge that Pakistan deliberately crossed LAC near Kargil, Bill Clinton(the then president of USA) blamed Pakistan for sparking a war. The Pakistani Generals did not like the gesture shown by America.

US didn’t intervene directly because Pakistan was claiming that PAF is not involved in Kargil. In fact, by that time India was a nuclear-powered country too. Therefore, the US didn’t risk its involvement with or against them. When Pakistan captured the parts of LOC, the first thing that India decided to get GPS images for those particular regions.

The government of the US maintained this data. In truth, the land of liberty denied any support to India.


The role played by Indian Air Force (IAF) in Kargil war

On 25 May 1999, the government took a splendid decision by employing IAF. In the battle of Kargil, it played a vital role in securing India’s victory. This was the first time that IAF’s target was on the ground. Also, they were backed up by Bofors Guns (on the ground) which caused huge damage to Pakistani’s army.
In addition, the government authorized the deploy of Mirage 2000 in the battle. The decision turned out to be a game-changer and eventually turned the war in the favor of India.

The battle took place in the icy heights of Kargil. Mirage 2000 played a crucial role and cuffed the enemies very badly.

Above all, there was a 2-minute airstrike by two Mirage 2000s. They inflicted 300 enemies in one go!

Everything comes with a price. As a result, around 500 brave Indian soldiers laid down their lives to secure victory.


Establishment of Combined Defense Services (CDS)

Kargil Review Committee (KRC) led by K Subrahmanyam, recommended the formation CDS. They suggested examining the faults. Specifically, how Pakistani troops occupied heights during the Kargil war. Altogether, it was a recommend measure for national security.

In other words, The main agenda of CDS was to provide single point professional military advice to the political leadership.
Some experts raised questions on the coordination between army and air force during the Kargil war.

With this in mind, CDS evolved. Aiming to provide more clear and close interactions between the government and the three services.

The Concluding Section

This gut-wrenching event from the past shook out our blood and filled us with annoyance. For this reason, it made us absorb that once an enemy always remains an enemy. Our brave and victorious soldiers made something crystal clear to the whole world. In particular, We Indians will lay down our lives for the TIRANGA. This upcoming superpower has the courage to stand against the masses. Be it Pakistan or any other global force.

This is the land of epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Here, every child is Abhimanyu. They won’t hesitate to sacrifice themselves.

Today is the day of glory. For every Indian located anywhere around the globe, it’s an opportunity to stand high and salute the martyrs of our sovereign nation.


Author: Pranshu Agarwal | Co- Author :Kanupriya Gupta

Editor/Co- Author: Ayush Joshi

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