Bangalore Riots and What You might have Missed about it

Late in the evening of 11 August 2020, bitter clashes erupted in the Indian city of  Bangalore, Karnataka. A Facebook post on Prophet Muhammad was the prime reason that triggered the situation. The nephew of Akhanda Srinivas Murthy, a state legislator of INC, shared the post. This in turn annoyed the individuals from the Muslim community.

Immediately, protests started in front of his house. Consequently, the situation heated up, and a riot occurred.

The conflict leads to the death of 3 people(police shooting). Armed offenders wounded around 30- 80 injured police officers, and several journalists.

Night of Occurrence

On 11 August 2020, The offensive remarks made on Islamic Prophet Muhammad via a Facebook post went viral. Hence, a horde formed outside the legislator residence. They demanded for the arrest of particular individuals.

According to reports, earlier 17-20 Muslims were protesting until 8.30. In less than an hour, a mob of 200 people gathered with kerosene, petrol cans, and sticks. The angry swarm started pelting stones, igniting a portion of legislator property .

Besides that, they looted precious jewelry and sarees. They also lighted several cars and a bar in the locality. The area came under the authority of DJ Halli and KG Halli station.

Subsequent actions taken by the police terminated the occurrence of communal riots.

Later Investigations

Following morning(12 August 2020)  110 individuals, who were related to the conflicts had been arrested, said Sandip Patil, JCP (crime), Bengaluru. Eventually,  in the police’s jurisdiction, curfew was imposed. On top of that, the authority implemented section 144 in other parts of the city. Later on, the detainment of the legislator’s nephew also occurred. He came out declaring that somebody hacked into his account.

An FIR was filed by the legislator labelling a damage of 3 crores . Plus, urging for personal and family security. 

Bangalore riots- The Aftershock

Meanwhile, B.S. Yediyurappa, CM of Karnataka, assured the citizens of Bangalore with arms wide open. Simultaneously, He centered on taking strict actions. Many other well-known Congress leaders called for the arrest of the masterminds.

The hand of politics soon grabbed the situation. BJP leaders come up with the fact that Congress plotted the riot. Added to this, Congress was tagged anti- Dalit. In fact, the legislator belongs to the Dalit class. Tejasvi Surya, Bengaluru south MP, evoked forced compensation from the recognized ones. It’s Yogi Aditynath (Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh) approach which might have inspired him.

Opposition leaders like D.K. Shivakumar and H.D. Kumaraswamy also titled the violent dispute a well-planned conspiracy.

Author: Ayush Joshi

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