WhatsApp privacy policies: The Indian government sent another notice

The ministry of electronics and information technology has issued yet another warning to Facebook-owned Whatsapp. The government gave a week to respond favorably to the notice. The government ordered Whatsapp to withdraw its new privacy policies.

WhatsApp privacy policies
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On January 4, the firm unveiled its new privacy policy, under which customers’ data will be shared with its parent firm, Facebook. One of them is the user’s phone number and location. However, this sparked a debate. As a result, individuals began looking for Whatsapp alternatives such as Signal and Telegram. India appears to be Whatsapp’s largest market, with 400 million subscribers.

Note from the government on WhatsApp privacy policies

The Indian government sent a letter to Will Cathcart, the CEO of Whatsapp. Indians’ data security and informational privacy should be respected, according to the government. As a result, the revised privacy policies should be withdrawn.

Furthermore, the government claims that Whatsapp’s privacy regulations are discriminatory. People in Europe now have the opportunity to opt-out of Whatsapp’s privacy regulations. Indian users, on the other hand, do not. Furthermore, the policy is in violation of Indian IT laws and standards, according to the center. With this in mind, the authorities gave Whatsapp a week’s notice to drop its privacy policies.

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