Which Country Has Prisons Without Bar?

Can you even believe that there is a country where prisoners are free to go out and do jobs? Yes, it is possible in Finland. Probably, it is the only place left in this world where prisoners live like they are on vacation. Once, Pablo Escobar created a prison of his will, and now the prisoners of this country have the same liberty to follow. Thus, Finland happens to be a nation that has prisons without bar!

About These Prisons without bar And Prisoners

Like other countries, prisoners are not chained or put behind bars; instead, they can put on their suits, get on their boots, and walk around freely. The prisoners are not tortured or locked in a cell but are encouraged to walk through everyday life once again.

The inmates have the privilege to continue with their work and have shopping days too. They work freely with tourists around and people passing by. Here, the prisoners sometimes don’t even realize that they are prisoners, and this heals them to get over their past, guilt, or trauma. They live in dormitories equipped with every other modern amenity, not guarded by any cell blocks.

Principles Follow By These Prisons without bar

The idea behind such a prison is that they are able to treat their inmates equally. The government is there to impart that thought in their mind that their life is not yet over and they can live it once again. These kinds of prisons are around Finland for more than 90 years now. Many in Finland are of the opinion that they don’t think this kind of prison model to be peculiar as entwined with a long-lost history.

Prisoners agreed that they live better lives than they were before as prisoners.

According To the Prison Manager Of Finland

The prison manager of Finland is of the opinion that they are practicing the normality principle here to impart a sense of equality among prisoners. She reported that “we have 108 prison places around Finland which own no lock and key”. Moreover, she continued that the prisoners have the liberty to have their keys and close the doors at their own will. Now, the question arises here, ‘How Does This Work?’

This prison model of Finland has helped them to claim ‘the lowest prison populations in the world’. Initially, the prisoners stay in closed prisons but later get transferred into open prisons. There is that opportunity for them to engage themselves in community services. In this way, the prisoners can help the government and allow themselves to get better in their lives.


So, this concept of prison may sound crazy and weird to us, it is effective for many years now. This gives them a scope to rehabilitate where they can live a new life once again and treat themselves better.

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