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Why is Twitter not blocking the accounts containing irrelevant information?

We all know about the Farmer’s Protest that is up for around 3 months now. However, regarding these protests Government of India asks Twitter to block ample accounts. The reason being, these accounts are more or less related to spreading violence on social media.

Image describing farmer's doing protest in India.

A couple of days back, Centre issued a notice to Twitter to block some accounts. However, a new notice is sent to Twitter again to block around 1,178 accounts. These are somehow related to Khalistan sympathizers or Pakistan is backing them up.

Number of Twitter accounts blocked so far

In the previous notice, the centre asks Twitter to block 257 handles. However, in the current notice things seems to get a little disruptive. As a result, the center asks Twitter to block another 1,178 handles. Twitter is yet to execute the order issued under Section 69A of the IT Act.

Image is of Twitter which is told to block some accounts.

According to TOI, IT Ministry made this demand. Moreover, the Home Ministry and some security agencies showed their concern to the IT Ministry for the same. According to some sources, some accounts are just automated bots specifically made to float wrong information on Social Media.

Issued raised by the Government

  • Center on 31st Jan issued notice to Twitter to block 257 accounts. The reason being, they were using the hashtag #ModiPlanningFarmerGenocide.
  • Centre stated that bundles of tweets contain “rousing information”. These tweets had the potential to create violence in society.
  • After scanning all the tweets, Twitter unblocked all the blocked accounts. Twitter stated that all the tweets constituted “free speech and are informative”.
  • The government warned Twitter that as a punishment its officials might get behind bars for up to 7 years. Yet, it did not block the accounts again.
  • Centre again on 4th Feb issued another notice to Twitter to block 1,178 accounts. The reason being, these accounts are more or less related to Khalistan sympathizers or are backed up by Pakistan.
  • According to sources, Twitter again refused to block these.

At the very end, I hope that these protests shall end soon. 

Author: Pranshu Agarwal

Featured Image Credit: Rezoomo

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