Suicide means ending your own life. It is a way for people who are fed up with their lives to escape pain or suffering. When someone ends their own life, it means that they “died by suicide.” And when someone tried to end their life but did not die, we call it a “suicide attempt.”


Suicide is a major concern of today’s world. Nowadays, suicide is the most common death in the age groups of 15 ‐ 19 years and 15 ‐ 39 years. About 80,000 people die by suicide worldwide every year of these 135,000  (17%) are residents of India only, a nation with 175% of the world population.

Thinking about suicide is scary. You may have strong feelings that are hard to deal with. You may feel like nothing is going to be better ever, but it’s not only you who thinks like that. Many people think about suicide. Thinking about suicide does not mean that you’re “going crazy” to end up your life now and then or you will do it. Thinking about suicide is often a sign that you want to escape from some harsh realities of your life.

Although suicide is preventable, still there are certain reasons caused by situation and circumstances making the chances of someone taking his life a little higher. A recent study claims that people suffering from schizophrenia have a higher tendency to think of suicide.


Schizophrenia is a mental illness that impairs one’s ability to perceive, think, react, or behave in certain situations. Even though schizophrenia doesn’t arise from a certain cause, a combination of factors, like genetic modifications, changes in brain chemistry, or a tragic incident can lead to the condition. Certain environmental factors can also trigger schizophrenia. Also, stressful situations can cause schizophrenia as well. Since schizophrenia is a disorder that can make people behave abnormally, it can interfere with daily functioning. And hence, people suffering from this illness are either put on life long treatment or they choose the way to end their life.

Symptoms of this illness are disorientation, hallucination, amnesia, memory loss, impairment of motor coordination, depression, decrease in mood functioning. It’s important to attend these symptoms very early to prevent the quality of life from ruining. Because it was observed that for those diagnosed with schizophrenia at a later stage were most susceptible to taking their lives.


Well, various reasons are there that are leading to a massive increase in suicidal rates. One’s mental state is the basis from where these harsh thoughts arise. But there various factors affecting ones’ mental state.

Impact of covid-19

If we talk about these pandemic days, a group of researchers revealed that suicides lead to 300 “non-coronavirus deaths” in India due to distress triggered by the nationwide lockdown. According to the data, many people killed themselves due to their fear of being test positive for the virus. Few suicides were followed by the migrants not being able to go their way back home. Few deaths just by overthinking with withdrawal symptoms. And some people made their way to end up because of starvation and financial distress. Loneliness and lack of freedom of movement was also a major cause of suicides among people.

If we talk about the reasons, it would come out to be endless. It includes family problems, fear of failure in exams, or in relationship affairs. Unemployment is also becoming a major reason nowadays in the Novel Coronavirus.

Other various

Moreover, dowry is also a major reason amongst women. Their husband’s family after marriage treats them very badly if their parents couldn’t fulfill their dowry expectations during the marriage. And when they are ill-treated so much, they choose suicide as a better option.  In addition to it, addiction also takes over the person’s self-control. Thus, it also triggers a person to the way to suicide if they somehow discontinue their drug doses or alcohol. They lose their control over themselves and become so restless that they take their own life.

With all these, society plays an important role as well. Nowadays people are so concern about their social acceptance. They want society to accept and respect them. And if somehow they fail to get that or for some reason, society doesn’t accept them. As a result of overthinking and depression, they gradually start losing their hope of living and end up taking their own life. Hence, social reputation is also one of the major reasons.


There are ways to feel better. Remember, you are not alone. You can start by talking to someone else. You can even talk to a family member or friend you trust. There also helpline numbers available. You can give a call on the number whenever you need help. It is a free call. They are trained to help people.

Every other person needs to realize that suicide is not an option. Life is all about ups and downs. And to manage with all these we need to struggle. Life is a blessing if you take it positively. And it can be hell too if taken negatively. So, what all you need to do is just stay positive. Believe in yourself and live life. Life is kind of a race. Don’t quit without running. If you quit in between then how would you get to know if you were about to win or lose? So, it’s important to wait until the end. The one who keeps fighting is the one who wins.

Remember that for one negative or bad situation you don’t have to die. Situations are a part of life. If you aren’t facing them, it means you aren’t having a life. Even if you face all negative situations, but still don’t give up.


Face all the struggles in your life. You’ll have an amazing story to tell. Even if the whole world thinks you are a sinner you don’t have to die. Live this life. Don’t waste it. Death is obvious. You can’t defeat it. Some day you’ve to surrender to it. But when death comes to take you. You should be ready to embrace death. And to embrace death you’ve to live now.




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