Why Toolkit Case is becoming the focus of concern in Farmers’ Protest?

From Greta Thunberg, Nikita Jacob, Shantanu Muluk to Disha Ravi, every fact you need to know!

Nikita Jacob, Disha Ravi and Shantanu Muluk have been detained on the allegation of bein involved in a conspiracy about using Toolkit in Farmers' Protest.
Nikita Jacob, Disha Ravi and Greta Thunberg

17th February 2021 On Wednesday, the Bombay High Court granted 3 weeks ‘anticipatory bail’ to Nikita Jacob. This was in reference to the Toolkit Case in Farmers’ protest. Earlier, a Delhi Court had issued a non-bailable warrant against her. This was due to the allegations of a conspiracy. It involved a social media- toolkit for the farmers’ protest.

What is a Toolkit?

A toolkit literally means a set of tools used for a particular purpose. Here, it has a similar reference. It is the guidelines to achieve set goals. Like, a plan of action with certain tactics. Usually, they are for social media campaigns. They include documents about how to promote the event through different forms of media.

Especially, social media. The ‘toolkit’ in this case refers to a collection of articles. Including social media handles and information on farmers’ protests. Also, it had information on how foreign nationals could participate in this protest, virtually.

The protestors have used these toolkits for a long time now. There are a lot of examples from history where it has played a crucial role. For instance, 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests, the 2019 Hong-Kong protests, the protest for climate change, etc.

The most prominent of these has been the MeToo movement! Already, in India, during the 2019-20 Anti-CAA protests, this technique was used.

Who is Nikita Jacob?

Nikita is a practicing lawyer. Maharashtra and Goa State Bar Council is the place she’s enrolled with. Also, works as an environmental activist. She is a volunteer with ‘Extinction Rebellion’ a group that talks about climate change. Established in 2018 in the UK.

The entire Toolkit case scenario & links to Farmers’ protest?

The ongoing farmers’ protest saw some international support. One such person was Greta Thunberg. She is an 18 year old Swedish environmental activist. Greta tweeted a document on 2nd February that has caused a major stir!

Initially, she posted an older version of the document and then deleted it! Later, she tweeted an updated version.

According to the Delhi Police, this toolkit has some connection to the violence that occurred in Delhi. The farmers’ protest had turned violent on Republic Day. The Delhi Police filed a case for criminal conspiracy and sedition after that. Now, the Delhi Police is carrying out a serious investigation. It has led to the arrest of Nikita Jacob, the lawyer from Mumbai.

Also, other people detained include Disha Ravi, a 21-year-old Bengaluru activist, and Shantanu Muluk, a Pune-based engineer. Delhi Police have alleged them of playing a role in creating the document. They also have conspiracy charges for pro-Khalistan activities.

The Delhi Police claims that Nikita and Shantanu are among the 70 people who attended a meeting of a pro-Khalistan group. This meeting was held a couple of days before the Delhi violence took place on Republic Day.

While protests continue across India for the release of the three activists. Now, the Delhi Police has written applications to Zoom, WhatsApp, and Google in order to get more information.

Author- Apexa Rai

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