Take a Look at Pros and Cons of Work from Home

Work From Home

The COVID-19 virus created a pandemic all around the world this year. To ensure life safety, many countries started a complete lockdown. So, all the schools, offices, colleges, and different sectors closed. However, the work can’t stop in the world which is continuously developing new technologies for the betterment of people. Thus, work from home came into existence. Now, all the people have to perform their work from their home itself. Especially, the main idea behind this concept was social distancing. This virus spreads from the physical contact of two people. So, fewer people and less vulnerability towards the virus.

Pros of Work from Home

Pros of work from home
Pros Of Work From Home
  • Home-based work is easier and convenient for people.
  • Exemption from traveling charges so more pocket friendly
  • Traveling time will be saved as well as the pollution is reduced due to it
  • No special dress code required
  • No useless talks and distractions by the office mates will be there
  • Great MNC’s have allowed their employees to work remotely till June 2021. As companies have been benefited a lot from this system.
  • This has also created more employment opportunities in the IT sector for people.

Cons of Work from Home

Cons of work from home
Cons Of Work From Home
  •  Undoubtedly technology has progressed a lot. But sometimes if the Wi-Fi starts lagging. All the work seems to be going down the drains.
  • No difference between office hours and family hours. Thus, it seems you’re at work all the time.
  •   Our routines and schedules affected a lot. As our system clock got disturbed due to hustle and bustle.
  •   Miscommunication over the technology occurs which might lead to a great loss in the future
  • The working environment which offices possess have some energy which boosts work performance
  • All the daily wages workers face a financial loss.affected a lot. As the offices closed, so no work means no source of income.



Everything seems a bundle of joy or a bundle of sorrows depending upon our mindsets. Everyone has their own perspective of doing their work. You should possess a great determination to work remotely. However, it is more eco-friendly. Subsequently, the human mind also needs a good developing, competitive environment for its development.

Somehow seeing the same human faces daily seems as life got stuck. The fresh air and new human interactions are a must for human life upliftment.

Author: Kritika Agarwal

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