World Wildlife Day Special: Why Wildlife Conservation is a necessity?

World Wildlife Day Logo
World Wildlife Day Logo

3rd March is celebrated as World Wildlife Day every year. It is a day to remind us all of the fact that we have been blessed with wonderful co-habitants on Earth! Also, this day serves to remind us that it is too important to conserve our wild flora and fauna!

What is Wildlife?

Different Wildlife
Wildlife that is endangered

Wildlife, as defined in dictionaries would mean, the undomesticated plants and animals. It comprises all organisms living on Earth. They are unaffected by human activities.   They do not involve in human affairs. Our beautiful planet Earth is blessed. It is a home to diverse variety of flora and fauna. Since we have been accustomed, it doesn’t surprise us. But, it indeed is a marvel!

Importance of Wildlife

We might not feel the importance of wildlife, but on the longer run, it has a very important role to play! Imagine a place with no deer, for instance. Is there any impact that the loss of a single species will have!? Maybe it’s a no! But, if more similar species start disappearing, the grasses won’t be eaten! They will grow uncontrollably. On the other hand, the population of any species that might have depended on deer for food, will decrease eventually! Ultimately, there will be a point where the human population will be impacted too!

Also, talking about morals, all living creatures have been bestowed with life. Life itself comes with the right to live! It’s a granted right, no one needs to seek it! Either it be humans or other organisms!

However, we should also be aware of the fact that we depend on many of the flora and fauna directly too! Medicines are one such thing!

World Wildlife Day- When did it start?

The UN General Assembly, on 20th December, 2013, decided to proclaim March 3 as World Wildlife Day! The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was adopted on this day.

Since then, this day has become extremely important as it aims at reducing the harmful impacts of human activities on the wildlife.

World Wildlife Day This Year

World Wildlife Day Theme
World Wildlife Day- Theme this year

The theme for this year was- “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet”. The theme is to highlight the importance of wildlife in human life as well as the planet’s life as a whole. The forests, forest species, and the ecosystem services that we get from them without a price tag, is commendable.

Previous year the theme was: “Sustaining all life on earth”. In 2019 the theme was “Life below water: for people and planet”.

Wildlife Conservation in India

India is taking wildlife conservation seriously. From making conserved areas, to establishing strict rules for hunting, the Indian Government has been working hard to conserve the Wildlife. There are many species in India which are in the red zone. There are many endangered. While many are on the verge of extinction. Some such species are the Tiger, especially the White Tiger of Bengal, Elephants, Gharials, Sea Turtles, Vultures and even Rhinos. 

There have been many acts passed by the government. But, as an individual, it is the duty of one and all, to understand and take up the responsibility, and conserve our wonderful and marvellous cohabitants!

Author– Apexa Rai

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Featured Photo Credit- World Wildlife Day: Sudarsan Pattnaik urges people to save wildlife through his sand 


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