Youth reaction on the ban of PUBG

PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) was one of the most influential games including Clash of Clans and Call of Duty among the youngsters in India. The game left a greater impact on almost 80 percent of teenagers. It was the most popular mobile application you could find on the phone of every one out of four youngsters. There were around 33 million PUBG players in India.

Before the PUBG ban

The govt. of India took a major step against China in June 2020. During clashes in Galwan valley between India and China, a total of 33 popular Chinese apps (excluding PUBG) were banned. On one hand, sporadic demands for a PUBG ban had surfaced on several platforms. The users had a sign of relief that PUBG was not banned. They claimed the unjustified reasons that creating a controversy. It was about govt’s next step that whether PUBG will be banned or not.

At the same time, parents and teachers expressed their concern and kept complaining about its bad impact. The addiction to the game had severe effects on studies and mental health. The game’s addiction crossed its limits when students started spending hours and hours on it. Since the beginning, the Indian parents were against the game. They felt about its negative impact on their kids.

Post Ban Effects

The Information and Technology ministry banned PUBG along with other 118 apps on the 3rd of September 2020. This is the third instance of the government banning Chinese apps due to the border tension between India and China. This time clashes occurred in the eastern Ladakh valley. It was done to maintain integrity, sovereignty, and defense of the nation.

After the announcement made, the social media went on flooded with the memes and hashtag #pubgbanned. There were huge reactions from the youth expressing their views and concerns. It was a big shock for the users as it was the most liked game among the young masses. The most famous message “no more chicken dinner?” was one of the phrases that popped up.


One student of the 4th year of IIT Delhi stated that since he was very much close to the PUBG, he was sad about its ban. Although he knew that it was done for the protection of none other than our country. Above all, he felt proud to support the decision. This was what Indian youth believed and did for their country irrespective of their opinions.


Apart from that, parents and teachers expressed their happiness about the ban. They said this was essential for the betterment of the children in terms of studies. However, Call of Duty now became famous well among the Indian youth, substituting PUBG. Later, Akshay Kumar announced the release of FAU-G, which will replace the pubg. It is scheduled to be released in October.

Even after its ban, it will always remain in the heart of Indian Youth.



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