YouTube to offer its users silent gambling and alcohol-related ads

Recently, the vice-president of YouTube, Debbie Weinstein announced a launch in ad settings. He said about this launch via a blog post. He states to launch all-new control in ad settings.

New ad feature of Youtube

In addition, he said this will enable people to work out fewer alcohol ads, with gambling as a further option. So, the users are allowing muting gambling and alcohol-associated ads on YouTube. Further, this is often a relief for a lot of users around the globe. Besides, it will enable people to see less gambling and alcohol-related ads on both YouTube and Google (the parent company of YouTube) platforms.

The new response comes to feedback that some people would prefer to limit ads to particular categories.


Firstly, this feature will unroll in the US. Then it will be possibly launched globally in 2021. Also, the feature will unroll in the ad settings steadily, starting with YouTube ads in the US.

Harmful ads impact children and Youth

It is important to note that advertising and marketing can serve a useful purpose for children. Online gambling advertising has grown significantly in recent years, raising concerns about its impact on children and youth. Advertising to the youth may affect the sales rise, however harming the mental and the physical health of the children and the teenagers who are exposed to such types of ads.

Moreover, this feature will be available to users together with the existing features. Besides, a country that already restricted gambling and alcohol linked advertisements will see no difference.

Google is working with the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) and its associates for taking their competence on standards for in charge of alcohol advertising and marketing.

Our members decided to produce people greater control over if they see alcohol-related marketing online.

-Henry Ashworth, President, and CEO of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking

In conclusion, worldwide, the trend related to gambling ads has been worrisome. Gambling-related ad impressions have almost doubled since the corona pandemic. An impression is the number of times an advertisement shows on a user’s screen.

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