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Are current fashion trends like an athleisure feminist?

But as fashion has always come in your way and questioning your femineity? This fashion feminism has always been contradicting in every woman’s life. While feminism has been defined to every woman in different ways. And when it comes to fashion it has been described as ‘one’s personality and their preferences towards aesthetics’. As far the famine looks and the beauty of the clothes that make one confident enough and not hold back how we look while shaming ourselves. Yet it is to bring one joy and thrill in a new outfit that we always wanted and imagined to look like.

If you are thinking can fashion be any feminist anyway? Then it is a, YES it can, these garments of clothing are just the choice that changes every occasion?

While coming to fashion and feminism, trends now are changing towards athleisure. Basically, these comfortable and casual athleisure clothes are to suit occasions like exercise. And ever since the pandemic has occurred these formal-looking informal clothes have become a talk of the town. Where ever you go outside or make a virtual call you might see people wearing them. During the shopping or office meetings as well, which has made it look quite comfortable and suitable for any occasion. Either for exercise or a formal meeting athleisure dress which made people love it and used to it as well.

While this clothing is comfortable, these are also body-fit clothes that will stick and making our body look more evident. Due to this women have been getting body-shamed, and are quite hesitant to wear them. While some wear them even if it is evident or not. But some wear them for themselves to be a comfort rather than show them to others. While body image can be concerning in these clothing’s and make people hesitant whether to wear them or not. But not to forgot, these comfortable clothes aren’t to make you inferior to the body shape that we have got. But it is to make us love the way we are and not to question your femineity.


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