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Kanpur Ploggers: An initiative to make Ghats of Kanpur trash free

What is the meaning of the term “Kanpur Ploggers”? You might be wondering. But first things first, let’s understand the term “plogging”. Plogging means picking up the litter i.e trash while jogging. It means jogging and quickly stopping in all those areas where you see trash. Back in 2016, this became an organized activity in Sweden. However, gradually this activity spread in other countries as well in 2018. The reason behind starting this activity is the problem that people are facing because of rising plastic pollution.

Effects of Plastic Pollution

However, there are bundles of cons when we talk about plastic pollution. Plastic pollution affects the environment in a perilous way. Because of the durability of plastic, it sticks everywhere in the environment. The reason is, plastic does not degrade over a long period of time. Besides, it breaks down into microplastic, thus, causing problems to humans as well as animals. Apparently, these microplastics are even found inside human bodies. According to some reports, this leads to certain endocrine diseases and above all cancer.

An initiative by Kanpur Ploggers

Dr Sanjivini Sharma

Seeing all the rising concerns regarding plastic waste, Plogging popped up in India as well. When I talk about specifically one city which has taken steps to reduce pollution in Kanpur. Kanpur ploggers is an association of 250 members formed with the objective of reducing plastic pollution. However, the initiative is to protect the Ganga river as well as Kanpur city at the same time. This association is inspired by similar other drives across the country.

This initiative is started by Dr Sanjivini Sharma (BDS/MDS periodontics) in March 2021. The main objective of the group is to bring awareness about plastic pollution. Furthermore, plogging drives are conducted every weekend. Here, people from all aspects of life come together and clean the plastic and religious waste at the Ghats in the city.

So far, Kanpur ploggers conducted 31 drives and collected a total of 10,000 kgs of waste. Besides, they have collaborated with an authorized plastic recycler in the city. The group also motivates the people of Kanpur to collect clean and dry plastic packets from their homes and send them to recycle.

Kanpur Ploggers
Kanpur Ploggers

Kanpur ploggers are working day and night to spread awareness regarding plastic waste. They are striving to greener and healthier tomorrow. However, the ploggers need active participation from the citizens of the city. Join them if you too want to save our mother Earth from this menace of plastic pollution.

This indeed is a great initiative. I hope that you (the readers) will take a step forward for the same in your respective cities as well.

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