A Thinner & Tanned Kim Jong Un steals International Media Attention

Losing weight or a change in someone’s physique does attract people’s attention. But, if the one losing weight is North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, the international media is sure to have more interest!

The North Korean dictator Kim Jong seen in a recent parade has undergone a miraculous transformation. However, his transformation has sparked controversy, his citizens were worried, and even cried for his weight loss! 

The recent North Korean Parade organized for the National Day showcased military dogs and Covid-19 workers in Orange Hazmat suits! The Leader stood out looking leaner and more energetic than before. The Parade was organized on the occasion of the 73rd Anniversary of the foundation day of North Korea. North Korea’s founder was Kim II Sung. Kim Jong Un is his grandson. 

Why is the International Media Interested?

North Korea is a very secretive country. No information comes out of the country unless the Government wants! Presently North Korea is in a state of the worst food scarcity ever. The reason being Kim Jong Un’s highly funded ballistic missile and nuclear weapon projects! The money is spent on these and the people of the country starve. 

This loss of weight by the Leader could be an attempt to showcase the same. He could be wanting to boost the morale of the people. However, it could be a completely different case as well!

The North Korean leader has a family history of heart disease. His father and grandfather both suffered from heart diseases. Earlier this year, the news of Kim Jong Un’s ill health had spread far and wide. However, he made a public presence in June, wherein he had lost a little weight. This time the weight loss could be around 10-20 kgs. This becomes more important as the 37-year old dictator has not declared his successor yet! Thus, Kim Jong Un’s ill health has a direct impact on many capitals like Seoul, Washington DC, Beijing, etc.

Hence, the international media cannot stop speculating!

The National Day Parade

In October last year, the North Korean Military had conducted a pre-dawn parade. This year too, something similar was observed. However, unlike last year, no new Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles were showcased! This time tractors and fire engines were on display!

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