Mexico: Powerful earthquake sways buildings, Tsunami Alert

A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 hit Mexico. The epicenter is reported at 14 kilometers southeast of the beach resort city of Acapulco. This lies in the Guerrero State. The details came from the National Seismological Service. 

Initially, the reports came for the Guerrero State only. Yet, later, the identification came that the quakes also felt in many other parts of Mexico. Even the buildings in the capital city of Mexico swayed because of the tremors. At least reports say that one person is dead. It is because of the tremors. The man died when a utility pole fell on him in Coyuca de Benitez.

Though President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador claimed that they observed no major damages, at many places the utility poles fell on vehicles. The facade of a church also collapsed! The reports came later! Some debris also fell on the vehicles, leaving them destroyed! Around a dozen aftershocks with a magnitude of 4 and above also came. Therefore, tourists evacuated the hotels. Since Acapulco, being a beach resorts city is a good tourist hub, there were many people who needed to retreat. 

Many churches in the city of Chilpancingo opened their gates and provided shelter to families whose houses suffered damage in the quake.

In Acapulco, the authorities opened the sports centers. This was done for people who were afraid of going home. They were allowed to sleep in! The Mayor of Acapulco, Adela Roman said that the tremors brought in a ‘nervous breakdown’ in the entire city! In many places, the electricity supply was affected. The electricity department is working hard to restore the situation as soon as possible!

Surrounded by the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, Mexico is a seismically active place. It has also faced many dangerous quakes in the past! Hopefully, they will restore the conditions soon! 

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