Panjshir resists: Taliban faces the Northern Alliance in Panjshir

Though the United States of America gave in and left Afghanistan, there are few people who aren’t giving up. The Panjshir Valley near the Hindu Kush mountain range is still off the limits to  Taliban. The Pashtuns or Pathans of the valley are not ready to accept Taliban’s governance. The young men have together created an army and call it the Northern Alliance or the Northern Resistance Forces.

Taliban now has captured almost all the provinces of Afghanistan.

After the US military left, Kabul the capital city of Afghanistan is also at Taliban’s feet. However, because of the Resistance forces, Panjshir still remains an unconquered territory for Taliban. Now, the war to capture Panjshir and defend the territory from Taliban has started. The Northern Alliance claims to have killed over 350 Talibani militants. 

In a recent press release, the NRF’s spokesperson Fahim Dashti claims that the Resistance forces killed around 350 Talibanis in the Battle of Khavak. They also claim to have got many new American vehicles and ammunitions as an award for this victory. Around 40 militants were caught and jailed by NRF.

Though US President Joe Biden praised his WISE decision of the US army withdrawal, he has received criticism on a global level. The self-proclaimed acting president of Afghanistan, Abdullah Saleh has mocked this act of the US. Amrullah Saleh is also the leader of the resistance forces active in Panjshir. 

The NRF comprises anti-Taliban fighters and former Afghan security forces.

It has vowed to defend the valley while the terror group sends fighters to encircle the area. The fighters have faced Taliban in many locations and the terror group is facing some serious trouble. Taliban also damaged the phone and internet lines in Panjshir. This was done to prevent any communications of the resistance forces. However, NRF has set up Machine Gun nests, mortars, and surveillance posts with sandbags in anticipation of a Taliban assault. 

India’s External Affairs Minister, S. Jaishankar spoke with the U.K. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab about the developments in Afghanistan. India has its eyes on every situation in Afghanistan. 

In a recent show of events, the talks between the resistance forces and Taliban have failed. Taliban’s head of guidance and encouragement Mullah Amir Khan Motaqi said that the negotiations failed. The tribal leaders in Panjshir are not ready to negotiate. Further development of events will certainly decide the future of Afghanistan, which for now looks very unclear!

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