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Vaccination In India Cross 75 Crore Doses: 43% Coverage By December

India crosses 75 crore doses of vaccination. The prime minister launched this nationwide drive in January this year. Furthermore, The health minister said today that if we keep going up with this rate, 43% of the country’s population will be covered by December.

Additionally, the Health Minister also compared the milestone of 75 crore doses to India’s celebration of 75 years of its independence. For the same, the Union Health Minister Mandaviya made a tweet. He stated that- Our country India has started the world’s biggest vaccination campaign that has now completed 75 crore doses, in the 75th year of independence. #AzadikaAmritMahotsav.

Vaccination in India

With huge concerns of the third Covid wave, experts feel India needs to cover 60% of the population with both doses of vaccine before 2021 ends. As a result, it requires a vaccination rate of 12 million doses per day. As announced by the government, its target is to achieve 200 crore doses by December.

According to the data of the past 7 days India is maintaining 7.7 million doses a day and there is a shortfall of 4.3 million doses.  In the past 24 hours, India has delivered 5.3 million doses with a shortfall of 6.7 million.

Under the guidance of Prime Minister Modi India launched a covid vaccination program in January this year. Also two vaccines covaxin and covishield- of which the government allowed the second one later. India has also supplied a great number of vaccines to other countries to fulfill their needs.

India has face the worst condition of pandemics during the second wave. Due to which there was a great increase in the death rate. Furthermore, in recent months the covid cases in the country reduced but still, there is a fear of the third wave. So it is very important to take all the necessary measures to prevent it.

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