LIST of winners for the Nobel Prize 2021

Recently, the Noble Prize winners were announced.

The prestigious award is given to men, women, and organizations for their valuable contribution to humankind.

There are six different categories for the Noble Prize awards.

It includes physics, medicine, chemistry, literature, economics, and the noble peace prize.

Due to the pandemic, the winners will receive their medals and diplomas in their home countries, as announced by the organizing committee. And, this felicitation will take place in the month of December.

Let us also have a look at the complete list of winners and their valuable work contributions.


The Nobel Prize 2021 for physics goes to three eminent scientists.

credits: The New York Times

 The two winners are Syukuro Manabe of Princeton University and Klaus Hasslemann of the Max Planck Institute for Metrology in Hamburg, Germany. And, the third winner is Giorgio Parisi of the Sapienza University of Rome.

What was their work?

The work of the three eminent scientists is understanding the earth’s climate change and how human behavior is influencing those changes.


The Nobel Prize 2021 for medicine or physiology goes to a duo David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian.

credits: The New York Times

Dr. Julius is a renowned professor of physiology at the University of California, San Francisco. And Dr. Patapoutian is a molecular biologist and neurologist at Scripps Research in La Jolla, Calif.

What was their valuable contribution?

The duo made a breakthrough discovery. Also, helped us in our increased understanding of how the human nervous system senses heat, cold and mechanical stimuli.


For the year 2021, the Nobel Prize for Chemistry goes to Benjamin List and David W.C. MacMillan.

credits: The New York Times

Dr. List is a German Chemist and also the Director at Max Planck Institute, Germany. And Dr. MacMillan is a Chemist based out of Scottish and a professor at Princeton University.

The duo developed a new tool to build molecules.

Their work contribution has spurred advancements in the field of pharmaceutical research. And, has also lessened the impact of chemistry on environmental situations.

The contribution of the duo, might not be fully understood by the consumers. But, it is an essential part of many leading industries and is very crucial from the research aspect. Furthermore, it will be a tool for advancement in scientific research.


This year the Noble Prize, for literature is awarded to Abdulrazak Gurnah.

credits: The New York Times

Gurnah’s work is based on the uncompromising and compassionate penetration of the effects of colonialism. And it also dealt with the fate of the refugees in the gulf between cultures and continents.

Let us also know a bit about Mr. Gurnah:

Abdulrazak Gurnah was born in Zanzibar, Tanzania in the year 1948. Presently, he is a resident of Great Britain.

Notably, Gurnah is the first African to win the prestigious Nobel Prize award in almost two decades now.


credits: The New York Times

The Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for 2021 goes to three distinguished economists.

The first one is David Card while the second and third are Joshua D. Angrist and Guido W. Imbens.

The three economists have made a career studying unintended experiments.

Mr. Card specializes in labor economics and, Mr. Angrist along with Mr. Imbens specializes in analyzing relationships.

Notably, all the three winners hail from the United States.

 Mr. Card, born in Canada works at the University of California. Mr. Angrist is from M.I.T and Mr. Imbens is from Standford University.


The Noble Peace Prize was awarded to two journalists for their efforts to safeguard the freedom of expression.

credits: The New York Times

The names of the two journalists are Maria Ressa and Dmitri A. Muratov.

According to the Nobel Prize organizing Committee, freedom of expression is a pre-condition for democracy and lasting peace. Thus, the contribution of journalists is crucial for democracy.

The duo was honored for their courageous fight to uphold freedom of expression in the Philippines and Russia.

Mr. Ressa is a Fulbright scholar. Moreover, Messa was also named a Time Magazine Person of the Year in 2018.

Moreover, Ressa has been a constant thorn to her country’s authoritarian President.

Mr. Muratov has been a defender of freedom of speech in Russia for decades. And, he has operated under tough circumstances.

For 2021, there were a total of 329 candidates for the Noble Prize awards.

Moreover, the contributions of the winners will be useful for humankind.

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