QUAD 2021 embraces Asean Spirit of Cooperation

What is the QUAD?

The QUAD is also popularly known as the Quadrilateral Security Diagonal which comprises four member countries. It includes India, Australia, Japan, and the United States (U.S).

Initially, the association was formed to address the non-traditional security challenges as a backdrop of the Indian Ocean Tsunami o 2004.

Presently, the Quadrilateral Security Diagonal engagement reflects the ‘informal’ arrangement of the involved states. And the scope of further expansion of areas of cooperation in the INDO-Pacific Region.

What is QUAD’s Asean Spirit of Cooperation?

Marise Payne, the Australian Minister for foreign affairs, has strengthened the point of cooperation. By stating that the QUAD supports the association of south-east Nations (Asean)’s centrality.

In the future, the Asean principles of cooperation will be a key factor for QUAD engagements.

Why QUAD’s association reflects informal arrangements?

QUAD is informal in the sense that there are no formal agreements between the QUAD nations. Also, the QUAD agreement is without any secretariat.

In simple words, QUAD is an expansion and elevation of bilateral exchanges. As we see, it is in the case of Australia-India relations.

According to Payne, this informal agreement can bring together actors like QUAD and other regional arrangements such as East Asian Summit and Asean Regional Forum.

What is Asean’s Centrality?

It is interesting to know that Asean’s ability to resolve contentious regional issues without the intervention of major powers.

 This is a remarkable feature mainly because there are economic and political differences among the member states.

This feature is termed as a ‘security community’ in Southeast Asia.

Embracing the principles of ASEAN’s centrality

A joint statement of 2021, “the spirit of the QUAD” advocates Asean’s unity and centrality on the Indo-Pacific Outlook.

Moreover, India and Australia have mentioned that QUAD is not a military alliance.

India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar stated that QUAD involves cooperation on a broad range of issues. It will include Humanitarian challenges such as the tsunami of 2004 and the COVID-19 pandemic. And, regional and global concerns such as climate crisis, critical technology, supply chains, counterterrorism, and maritime security to name a few.

The strengthening of QUAD’s association -in 2021

The member states have committed to meet yearly at the Foreign Minister level. And the QUAD will meet regularly at experts and senior officer levels.

Strengthening of QUAD’s is necessary because it will serve global purposes. Like increased production and supply of vaccines and ensure maritime security. Also, QUAD will play an important role in cooperation in the INDO-Pacific region.

Furthermore, the QUAD’s will keep a check on the Chinese Invasion into the South-China Sea. China’s activities are alarming in the South-China Sea.

Why is the QUAD’s association important to India?

QUAD’s association aids India to resolve regional issues while maintaining amicable relations. Also, it ensures cooperation in various aspects like technology, supply chain, and maritime security.

Furthermore, China’s invasion of the South-China Sea is an alarming situation. India will face direct consequences of this threat.

So, the QUAD’s association is important for India to safeguard its INDO-pacific interests and cooperatively deal with common challenges.

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