Rahul Gandhi: “Will consider” becoming Congress President Again

The Congress Working Committee called for an all-party meeting on Saturday. The Senior Members of the party suggested that Rahul Gandhi should become the President.

According to reports from ANI news agency, Rahul Gandhi said that he will consider the proposal. He also stated that he needs clarity of ideology from the party leaders.

Moreover, some leaders think that until a new President is elected, Rahul Gandhi should take up the role of the working committee.

Recently, the G-23 leaders questioned Congress Leadership in the aftermath of the Punjab Crisis. As a result, Sonia Gandhi declared that she is a full-time hands-on Congress President.

Furthermore, Sonia Gandhi expressed herself, saying that she has always appreciated frankness. So, there is no need to speak to her through the media as the mediator. Thus, calling for a free and honest discussion. However, Sonia Gandhi clarified that whatever goes outside these four walls should be the collective decision of the Congress Working Committee.

Referring to the past:

Speaking of the last two years of Congress, the young colleagues have taken leadership roles. And, they have taken the policies and programs of Congress to the people.

Including the agitation of farmers, relief measures during the pandemic, atrocities on Dalits, Adivasis and minorities price rise, and the destruction of the public sector, to name a few.

In a five-hour-long discussion on Saturday, the CWC decided that the next election for the position of Congress President will be held the following year. Roughly, dated between August 20 and September 21, 2022.

At the Congress Working Committee, everyone thinks that Rahul Gandhi should take up the role of the Congress President. However, the decision is up to him.

Why did Rahul Gandhi step down as the President?

After the heartbreaking defeat of the Congress in the 2019 General Elections, Rahul Gandhi stepped down as the President. He took responsibility for the party’s landslide defeat in the elections.

Since then, Sonia Gandhi is the interim working President of Congress.

Now, after the CWC elections, Congress is supposed to elect the next President for the party.

Why a strong leader for Congress is the need of the nation?

Presently, Congress is the largest opposition party. Although there are other opposition parties as well, those parties lack PAN-India presence.

So, Congress represents Opposition. A strong opposition is the fundamental requirement of a democracy.

Wondering why? Because in the absence of strong opposition, people will not have any alternative government to elect. And, the dates for the 2024 General Election is fast approaching.

Simply, stating if Congress doesn’t take charge, the ruling party will have all the cards in its favor.

Hopefully, Congress takes this time to rebuild itself and be a strong contender for the 2024 elections.

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