Social Anxiety Disorder and its treatments:


Diseases are of two types, – physical and mental. Social anxiety comes under mental diseases. Several therapies are available to cure this disease.

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Social anxiety, commonly named social phobia, creates fear in the mind which leads to avoidance in work, personal life, and society. People become introverted and circumvent physical interactions. They fear getting judged negatively by others and hence the embarrassment fabricates anxiety towards every single interaction.

In this article, we shall be dealing with the gist of special therapies so that one can understand what needs to be done.


Treatment for social phobia depends on how much it is affecting one’s regular lifestyle. It may take less time or more than the standards depending on the individual.


Psychotherapy includes psychological counseling and talk – therapy. It is the most popular and effective method to cure this disease.

A therapist helps the patient to build confidence and to change negative thoughts fruitfully so that one can adopt social circumstances.

On this occasion, we should know that of let, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is becoming famous as a part of psychotherapy. CBT helps to gain confidence and to remove social fears. Practical involvement in social junctures, playing, and developing social character – these are taken as chief keys in the course of therapy.


Along with the counseling, some medicines are needed to erase the anxiety from the root. Several medicines are present on this issue. So, the article will create a gist with the key things in this case.


Social anxiety leads to loneliness which further causes depression in a chasmic lifestyle. So to come round, one may take anti-depressants to stay mentally stable. As there are plenty of anti-depressants, one must choose the most effective medicine with the least side effects.

Anti-anxiety Medicines:

These belong to a typical prescription of a therapist. Benzodiazepines come under this category. It may reduce the tendency of becoming anxious.

Needless to say, these are habit-forming tablets and also, sedating. So one should consume these medicines under immovable circumstances.


To be specific, these are NOT dictatable for the usual treatment of social phobia. These intend special purposes like before playing a musical instrument in a concert or delivering a speech at a certain gathering.

Beta-blockers block the stimulation of adrenaline. It results in reducing blood pressure, shaking limbs, and heart rate. For that, these act against short-term actions to deal with anxiety.

Never Give up:

As it is a mental disease, it may take unpredictable time to cure properly. So the patient should not get disappointed and should continue to take counseling and medicines. Also one can set up affordable goals so that mental health may grow positively day by day.

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Other medications:

There are some herbal medicines present in the market except the above. But the results may not suffice.

That’s why it is advised to discuss with one’s health advisor before consuming this stuff.

Final Talk:

Anxiety is just like a coward person. It will not come before you when you are amid your friend, family, or in a group of your desired people. It will only haunt you when you are lonely. But, you are brave, strong, and pure from your mind. Do not let anybody hang out your mind. You are the director of your mind and hence the picture is all yours, which is named as “LIFE”.

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