Antiviral Covid Medicine- Could be a game changer

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Antiviral Covid Medicine – Pfizer drug is designed to block an enzyme, which is needed for coronavirus to multiply.

A Ray of hope in the fight of the Covid-19

Pfizer Inc. made an announcement on 5 of Nov that its antiviral pill for Covid-19 can reduce the rates of hospitalization by 90%- A big statement.

It has released its primary results on the study of 775 adults.

Pfizer drug blocks an enzyme, needed for coronavirus to multiply.

Statement by Antiviral Pill manufacturing company

Pfizer said it would ask the FDA and international regulators to authorize its anti-viral pill as soon as possible.

Pfizer’s results of Antiviral Pill

The study conducted on the non-vaccinated people and have the mild-to –moderate symptoms of Corona virus.

And people were at high risk for death due to factors like age, health problems etc.

Treatment with anti-viral pill shot lasted for five days starting within the three to five days of symptoms.

Treatment conducted on people taking the anti-viral shot along with the other normal medicine

given in corona virus results shows that 89% of chances reduced for hospitalization or death.

As compared to the people given the dummy medicine.

People divided in two groups one group went under the treatment of placebo medicine and the other group went for the anti-viral Pfizer pill. Group, which were given the anti-viral shot only 1% people were hospitalized in that group and no deaths.

Comparing to the other group results were with 7% hospitalization rates and 7 deaths.

How treatment works

The combination treatment with the brand name Paxlovid, consisting of three pills given twice in a day daily up to five days.

Antiviral pill shot need to give as early as possible, before further spreading of the infection, in order to avoid the infection to root itself and also for the anti-viral shot to be most effective.

A Ray of Hope

Company says that it found the effective results on people also who starts the treatment even as late as more than 5 days as people might wait a few days to get the test done.

So, the company says we have sufficient time to treat the people and benefit the public from covid.

Although, company has still not detailed out the side effects of the anti-viral pill shot.

But said that the adverse events happened in about 20% of people both given the treatment of anti-viral shot and the people with placebo treatment also.

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