Controversial Statement by Kangana Ranaut- Independence in 1947 was not freedom but bheek.

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Kangana Ranaut is a well-known celebrity of Bollywood is famous for making her controversial statement, has again made a remake of the statement gaining controversial popularity.

The statement by Kangana Ranaut

India independence during the British Rule.

The 34-year-old Kangana Ranaut is a Padma Shri award winner.

In addition, She in an interview said that India Independence during British rule was not freedom but ‘bheek’.

Consequently, the statement given was India has got its real Independence in the year 2014 when the government of Modi Sarkar came into power.

Opposition upon the Kangana controversial statement

There was much opposition to the Kangana controversial statement and many political parties including the Modi sarkar have strongly condemned the statement of famous Bollywood actor.

Controversial statement in the 24-sec clip 

The statement by the Bollywood actor tweeted by Janata party (BJP) MP Varun Gandhi. Furthermore, MP Varun Gandhi also tweeted that it is an anti-national act.

Padma Shri Award should be taken back

Many political parties showed strong opposition against the statement of the Kangana Ranaut. Even the Congress party demanded that the center should take back the Padma Shri award from the actor.

As a consequences of , Showing the strong opposition to her act the party hence said that she had disrespected the freedom movement during British rule

And had also disrespected the freedom fighters who fought for the freedom of our country.

Top reactions on the statement by Kanganna Ranaut

Delhi BJP Spoke person Praveen Shankar Kapoor said

Me being the son of freedom fighter and coming from the freedom fighter family the statement made by Kanganna Ranaut upon the Independence on India that it was ‘bheek’ is an insult to the sacrifice of the freedom fighters

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