Home Minister Amit Shah: Hindi is a friend to all indigenous languages.

Recently, Union Home Minister Amit Shah emphasized that Hindi is a friend of all indigenous languages. He also said that the countries prosperity lies in the prosperity of all its languages.

It was while addressing the Akhil Bharatiya Rajbhasa Sammelan in Varanasi that Shah remarked.

Shah also appealed to the people to enrich the glorious heritage of the country’s official language Hindi. And, not forget about the other local languages.

Furthermore, Shah emphasized that this is a year for Hindi lovers to make the country’s official language and other local languages so strong that we don’t have to depend on a foreign language. And should be achieved by the time we complete 100 years of Independence.

Moreover, Shah illustrated that Hindi is the friend (sakhee) of all indigenous languages (swabhasha). The prosperity of India lies in the prosperity of all indigenous languages. Thus, emphasizing that there cannot be any ‘antarvirodh’ (differences) among friends.

The Home Minister also pointed out that a sense of inferiority still exists in the mind of the children who cannot speak English. We as a country are a victim of this inferior feeling since the British Raj. It creates differences within our people. It’s time that the people of the country decide its language. And that language will become the language of the governance. So, India will automatically get back the knowledge of Maharishi Patanjali and Panini.

The Union Home Minister also requested people to speak to their children in “swabhasha.” Urging that we, need to create an environment where speaking in our mother tongue is pride, not shame.

Stating his example, Home Minister said that there is no contradiction between Hindi and our local languages. Although Shah’s mother tongue is Gujarati, he said he loves Hindi as much as Gujarati. Highlighting that he loves Hindi a bit more than Gujarati.

Shah summed up by stating the steps taken by the government to promote the indigenous languages.

To date, the syllabus of engineering and medical courses has been translated into eight different languages.

He also stressed the fact that PM Modi has played a significant role in promoting Hindi across the Globe. Future steps will ensure the gradual shift of administrative work in Hindi.

It is time we as citizens of India, recognize and acknowledge our indigenous languages.

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