Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Disorder Is Not An Identity

To educate people about Down Syndrome, we mark October as Down Syndrome awareness month.

India records the highest number of Down Syndrome cases in the world. 

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In a year, it affects 23,000 to 29,000 children in India itself.

In a developing country like India, this proves to be fatal.

What Is Down Syndrome?

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Down syndrome is a congenital disease arising due to a defect in chromosomes that results in intellectual impairment and physical abnormalities. 

A normal person has 46 chromosomes, a person suffering from this syndrome has 47 chromosomes.

People suffering from this usually have flat faces, upward slant eyes, a short neck, a single deep crease across the palm of their hand, small stature, and low muscle tone. 

Why Awareness Regarding Down Syndrome Is Important?

India being a developing country lacks in medical facilities, technology, and awareness. 

This is the reason that India records the highest number of Down Syndrome cases in the world. 

Besides that, the survival rate is only 44%. Often this disease comes with heart disease too.

So, therefore, as a society, we need to understand that a person with Down Syndrome can lead a normal life if taken proper care of.

So it is our responsibility as a society to accept and support people suffering from Down Syndrome.

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