Why PM Modi said that he misses critics?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a recent interview, said those who have analyzed and understood his work will not have any doubt about him. PM Modi expressed in the context of critics of the present-day.

According to PM Modi, he gives importance to criticism. And he has always respected his critics. But unfortunately, very few played the role of critics. Most of the time, people only had allegations to charge.

It was in an interview with the Open Magazine, PM Modi expressed his take on criticism. He said that for his conviction and his healthy development, he gives a lot of importance to criticism.

Moreover, the PM stated that with an open mind, he respects critics a lot. The PM also stated that there are very few critics. Most of the people only have allegations and play mind-games on perception.

Furthermore, PM Modi also spoke on the reason behind this. He said for criticism people, have to do a lot of hard work. Hours to research and analysis are involved. And, in today’s fast-moving life, people do not have that amount of time. Hence, constructive criticism is missing.

During the interview, PM Modi was asked, what is his take of critics terming him as a “gung-ho free-market liberalizer. Or a champion of the RSS-endorsed upper-caste orthodoxy.

Replying to this question, PM Modi said, it seems that the outdated theories will last forever. What outdated theories? The theory of private sector versus public sector. And the theories of rich versus poor, government versus people of the country, and so on.

Also, PM Modi stated that people who analyzed his work will not have any doubt about him.

He explained his take by giving the example of the Kutch Earthquake.

He said around 20 years ago when he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat he did not have any prior experience in administration. First of all, he went to the people affected by the earthquake. He stated that it was the first Diwali after the earthquake, so it will not be celebrated.

Furthermore, PM Modi spoke about other initiatives undertaken by him as the Chief Minister.

PM Modi also opened up on the allegations by the opposition against the farm laws.

The government stands for the empowerment of small farmers. PM Modi also stated that if there is any disagreement, the government is ready to discuss. Many meetings were held in the past. But, nobody has come up with a specific disagreement or a particular thing to be changed.

As there are two sides of a coin and pros and cons of everything, politics is no exception.

The opposition has its stand. PM Modi also expressed the government’s stand. It is now the right of the people to decide for themselves.

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