Nobel Prize Awards 2021: Winners for physics and medicine

October is the month of the Nobel Prize announcements. 

The Nobel Prize awards came into existence in 1901. Why this award? To honor the work that had led to great advances for humankind. 

The committees in Norway and Sweden announce the name of the Nobel Laureates. For their contributions in the field of science, literature, and economy along with peace. 

The global pandemic has impacted everything. The Nobel Prize ceremony is also no exception.

This year the award ceremony is going to be a mix of digital and physical events. Also, the organization announced that the laureates will receive the Nobel Prize medals and their diplomas in their home countries. 

Let us also know about the winners:


On Tuesday, the Nobel Prize for physics was awarded to three scientists.

Credits: The Indian Express

What was their contribution? Their contribution towards laying the foundation of our knowledge of the Earth’s Climate and how humans influence it.

The names of the three winners are- Syukuro Manabe of Princeton University is one of the three. And, the other two are Klaus Hasselmann of the Max Planck Institute for Metrology, Hamburg in Germany while Giorgio Parisi from the Sapienza University of Rome. 

Physiology or Medicine
                Credits: New York Times

On Monday the Nobel Prize for medicine or physiology was announced jointly to David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian. 

What was their discovery about? Their discoveries were of receptors for temperature and touch

Dr. Julius is a professor at the University of California, San Francisco. 

And, Dr. Patapoutian is a biologist and neuroscientist at the Scripps Research in La Jolla, Calif. 

The intense research activities by the pair widened our understanding of how our nervous system senses also on various stimuli like heat and cold. Furthermore, these developments lead to the betterment of humankind.

Stay tuned to know about the winners of other categories.

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