Ex-Pentagon official: Taliban is ISI’s Puppet, Reports Point the Same

According to the recent development in the Afghanistan crisis, the ISI chief Hameed Faiz met top Taliban leaders in Kandhar. Seeing the reports, Michael Rubin, a resident scholar at the AEI(American Enterprise Institute), and an ex-pentagon official said that the Taliban is nothing more than an ISI puppet!

This came after the ISI chief Hameed Faiz made an ‘emergency’ visit to Kabul to meet the top Taliban leaders after the rumored clash between the Taliban factions. His sudden visit to resolve the internal conflict of the Talibani factions has grabbed the attention of the world. Reports stated that in the clash between the Talibani factions, the group’s co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar suffered injuries. 

The Taliban captured Afghanistan’s Kabul on August 15.

Since then the group has delayed the announcement of forming the Government. While the group has yet to speak, reports coming from Kabul claim that the delay is because of some existing differences between the Taliban and Haqqani network. The differences arose on the point of sharing the power. 

As per the reports, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, set to lead the Taliban Government’s regime in Afghanistan suffered injuries in the clash. Now, he is receiving treatment in Afghanistan. 

The ISI chief, Lt. Gen. Faiz reached Kabul on Saturday along with a delegation of Pakistani officials.

This confirms the direct role Pakistan has played in order to bring the Taliban to power in Afghanistan. 

Amrullah Saleh, the self-proclaimed President of Afghanistan, who is leading the NRF fighters is Panjshir bashed out on Pakistan. He also claimed that the Pakistani intelligence agency has played a key role in dismissing the democratic government of Afghanistan. The important thing in all this is that a major portion of the Al-Qaida leadership resides in its safe haven. This is the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region.

Though the Taliban is getting a substantial amount of help from the neighbor, the Northern Frontier Alliance fighters are not going easy. Ever since they have been engaging the Terrorist group on the outskirts of Panjshir! The entire world seeks the reports coming from Afghanistan as a lot of the geopolitical scenarios will be affected by the Taliban regime!

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