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India accomplished 100-crore jabs milestone- Reactions Global & Local

On 21.10.2021, India completed the administration of 100 crore dosages of the COVID-19 vaccination. India started with its nationwide vaccination program on 16.01.2021. And, in just nine months, we will be able to cross the 100 crore milestone.

According to the Union Government, 75 percent of the eligible population has already taken the first dose of the vaccination.

With this, India gained access to the very exclusive club of nation those who have crossed the 100 crore milestone of Covid-19 vaccine doses. Before this, China was the only country to have crossed this threshold.

The journey of achieving this milestone was important in our battle against the deadly virus. Especially because of the condition we were in during the peak of the pandemic.

Globally, we were dealing with a devastating pandemic almost after 100 years. The times were unprecedented and, nobody knew what to do. There was so much anxiety and, it had turned the world upside down.

For a population like ours, vaccination was a challenge. But how health workers and frontline workers have made this milestone possible.

Although there were many speed breakers to the Vaccination drive, we have hit the milestone. The achievement is a ray of hope and a reason to look forward despite the pandemic.

There was a lot of speculation and anticipation globally about India’s vaccination drive. All eyes were on the central government.

But, as rightly said. Actions speak louder than words. The success story of the vaccine drive is the discussion of the hour.

Appreciation and recognition came from around the globe.

Let us have a look at the reactions of the 100-crore vaccine drive milestone:


WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The Director-General of WHO, took to Twitter to congratulate PM Modi. He also congratulated Indian scientists, health workers, and all those involved in the vaccination drive.

credits: IndiaToday

The Israeli PM tweeted his congratulations to PM Narendra Modi on the successful vaccination campaign against the deadly COVID-19.

US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman

Wendy Sherman congratulated India and commended the country’s commitment to producing vaccines for exports. Furthermore, Werman added that with the QUAD, India and the US are working, in collaboration to vaccinate the world and end the global pandemic.

credits: IndiaToday
Bhutan’s Prime Minister Dr. Lotay Tshering

PM Tshering said that the milestone is a huge achievement not only for India but the entire world. Also, he congratulated India on behalf of the people of Bhutan.

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa

The PM of Sri Lanka congratulated India for achieving this mammoth task. In his tweet, he mentioned way forward and adjusting to a new normal also keeping safe depends on a successful campaign drive.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi

On achieving the milestone of 100-crore of the vaccination drive, PM Modi visited the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi and interacted with the hospital officials.

PM Modi said that India scripted history. In his tweet, PM Modi quoted that India is witnessing the triumph of Indian science, enterprise, and the collective spirit of 130 crore citizens of India.

credits: IndiaToday

PM Modi congratulated India on having achieved 100-crore and more vaccines. Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude to our doctors, nurses, and those who contributed to the cause.

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya

The Union Health Minister tweeted, India has accomplished a great milestone. He also mentioned that this was possible because of PM Modi’s insightful vision.

AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria

Guleria said, initially people were skeptical about the vaccination drive when it started in January. But, in about nine months, India has completed 100-crore jabs.

According to Guleria, it is a proud day for India.

Moreover, the Director of AIIMS said that the next target is to complete the first dose to the entire adult population. And, the set date to achieve the target is by the end of this year.

Furthermore, Dr. Randeep Guleria appealed to the citizens to complete both doses of vaccine.

Dr. R S Sharma- CEO National Health Authority and Co-Win chief

Dr. Sharma said that Co-WIN has played an important role in achieving the milestone of 100-crore jabs in India.

NITI Aayog Health Member- Dr. V K Paul

Dr. Paul said that efforts to ensure that those who have taken the first dose should complete their second dose. And, those who haven’t been vaccinated with the first dose should be vaccinated.

Shashi Tharoor- Senior Congress leader

One of the senior Congress leaders, Shashi Tharoor, congratulated the government for achieving the 100-crore COVID-19 vaccine doses in India. He also said that this is a moment of pride for all Indians.

Furthermore, he added that after several mismanagements during the second wave the government has partly redeemed itself.

credits: IndiaToday
Pawan Khera- Fellow Congressmen

Khera reacted to the tweet of Shashi Tharoor he said, giving credits to the government means an insult to millions of families who suffered and are still suffering. Khera emphasized that before taking credits, PM Modi should apologize to those families. In his tweet, he also mentioned that the credits of the vaccination drive, belong to the scientists and medical fraternity.

credits: IndiaToday

Appreciation and criticism are a part of life. While appreciation and greetings flocked in from around the globe, opposition members and several others brought in their criticism.

The Central Government has its shortcomings and mismanagements during the second wave. However, the milestone achievement of 100-crore COVID jabs is a success story of the government.

Also, we shouldn’t forget the fact that the battle is not over. The next target is to vaccinate the entire population at the earliest.


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