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Malnourished India: More than 33 Lakhs children’s are Malnourished in India

Credits: Ndtv India

Malnourishment in India is increasing day-by-day over 33 Lakh children’s in India are Malnourished.

A PTI report 

A PTI report on Sunday gives the statics the over 33 Lakhs children’s are suffering from malnourishment in India and over half of them falls under the sever category.

Malnourishment becoming more severe in India

According to the report as of Oct 14, 2021 there were 17, 76, 902 severely acute malnourished children and 15, 46, 420 moderately acute malnourished children in the country.

The report says, Maharashtra in India has the highest number of such children in India that is 6,16,772

Followed by Bihar (4,75,824) and afterwards Gujrat showing the number of (3,20,465).

According to the report, other states that have the high number of such children are Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.

A Hike in Malnourished Children

A severe hike in the percentage of the malnourished children is seen between Nov 2020 at Oct 2021. A great hike of 91% is there. India at the alarming rate.

Malnourished Data collected from the Poshan Tracker

Poshan Tracker app developed by the ministry of women and child development to track all anganwadi centers and their beneficiaries. The data of these children tracked down from the Poshan app

Last month GHI report

Just after the news of falling India to 101 position in the GHI report among the 116 countries.

Now the news of having more than 33 lakhs children under acute malnourished state and over half of them in the severe state is the alarming factor to the India within the prevailing pandemic crisis.

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