Some Unusual And Uncommon Phobias: You Never knew Existed

We all have some kinds of fears. Fear from height, spiders, clowns etc. Furthermore how fear is different from a phobia? All the phobias are the highest and extreme level of fear that affects less than 10% of the population. As a result, it causes anxiety and becomes an obstacle in your daily life. Let’s get aware of some of the unusual phobias.

Phobia Of Sleep

This phobia is very different from the problem of insomnia. Moreover in this, a person experiences extreme anxiety. People suffering from this also have panic attacks when they are going to sleep. Moreover, people suffering from this tend to stay up all the time or until they get totally exhausted.

As result, it creates a great risk of health issues as one cannot sleep. Few reasons due to which this happens are sleeping disorders, nightmares, sleep paralysis.

Fear Of Long Words

This kind of phobia is usually seen in school-going children. In this, a person is afraid of long words. This fear may come when someone laughs or make fun of any particular person while reading or pronouncing any word.

One Ironic thing is that the name of this phobia itself is the longest word in the dictionary. The person suffering from this avoid talking to new people and socializing. Furthermore, they tend to experience anxiety headaches, trouble breathing, whenever they see long words.

Fear Of Making Decisions

Nothing to worry about this phobia is more extreme than deciding what to watch on Netflix. It becomes very difficult for any person to decide on anything suffering from this. Also, include what to eat, to go somewhere or not.

the person with this problem do not trust themselves in making decisions they often tend to take the help of other people to decide furthermore can even rely on astrology and its predictions.

Fear Of Being Happy

People suffering from this phobia usually stay away from the activities that it is associated with fun or being happy. They tend to avoid the feeling of happiness. The person also remains unsatisfied even after going through positive experiences.

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