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Supreme Court on Aravali Forest Land Encroachment

Highlight: The Supreme Court said on 07.06.2021(Thursday), “We want our forest land to be cleared”. The Court directed the state and the Faridabad municipal corporation to remove all encroachments in the Aravali forests area. It also emphasized that land grabbers cannot take refuge from the rule of law and speak of fairness.

Hence, the Supreme Court asked the Haryana and Faridabad municipal corporations to remove encroachments of around 10,000 residential families. The concerned area is Aravali forest near Khori village.

The bench of Justices including A M Khanwilkar and Dinesh Maheshwari. The bench ordered the state to comply with the direction given on 7th June.

During an online hearing session on Thursday. Aparna Bhat was the petitioner’s lawyer appearing on behalf of the people who stayed on encroachment land. She argued 10,000 families will be affected by the demolition.

The Supreme Court reverted saying that numbers will not make any difference. The Court stated that they wanted the forest land to be cleared. Furthermore, the Court said that enough time was already given. Also, the people continued to dwell beside the notification being issued.

The bench mentioned that this is forest land and no ordinary land.

Bhat, the petitioner’s advocate argued on the point of rehabilitation. She also pointed out that the state has not considered the issue of rehabilitation. Also, the identification process has not yet started. So, the bench referred to the order passed on 05.04.2021, related to this issue. The bench then said that the civic body will take the necessary step by law.

In short, the Court ordered the municipal corporation. To carry the eviction process by law. Also, ensuring the benefit of rehabilitation. Should be provided to those eligible and on producing the necessary documents.

But Bhat said that authority has forcibly come to evict those living there. She also requested to look at the people and their situation. Also, they are migrant laborers and they have children. Along with this, the pandemic has further worsened situations. 

The argument between the top court and the petitioners advocate is going on for some time now. The Court has given the next hearing date on 27.07.2021.

The counsel appearing for Haryana said that there are incidents of stone-pelting. So, they wanted a hassle-free and smooth process.

To summarize the discussion, the court said to comply with the order of June 7. It also ensured that the Superintendent of Police, Faridabad, will be responsible for providing adequate logistical support and police protection. The state should consider the plea of rehabilitation independently.

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