Tokyo Olympic Village: Facilities To Look Forward To, Rules To Follow

With just a month left for the 2020 Olympics, the Tokyo Olympic Village is all set to welcome athletes from all over the world. Though the Tokyo Olympics 2020 is uncertain, Japan is fully prepared to host the event. The officials and IOC are framing the rules and regulations for the athletes in the village. Here, we look at all the facilities inside the Olympic village and the rules to follow.

The Tokyo Olympic Village

An Olympic village is a centre built for accommodating athletes and staff during an Olympic event. Built in any Olympic Park or a specific location in the host city, the Village has special security and strict rules. Usually, the officials do not allow the press and media to enter the centre.

The Tokyo Olympic village is located in Harumi, an island district of Chūō, Tokyo (central Tokyo). This village has 21 residential buildings. These buildings vary from 14 to 18 floors with a total of 3,600 rooms. The village has 18,000 beds. The availability of disposable cardboard frames and spartan furnishings is an add-on!

The estimated official cost of the Tokyo Olympics is $15.4 billion. However, government audits suggest it is twice. Of this money lumpsum, $6.7 billion is public money. The IOC contributes about $1.5 billion to the total cost.

IOC expects around 11,000 athletes for the Olympics and 4,400 for the Paralympics. The Olympics start on 23rd July while the Paralympics will start on August 24. It has been advised to the athletes to arrive as late as possible and leave as soon as they finish competing.

Special Preparations amidst the Pandemic

Initially, the Olympics were to be held in 2020. But, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Games were rescheduled to 2021. Japan itself witnessed around 14,000 deaths as a result of this pandemic! Due to this, the Tokyo Olympic Village has also witnessed some major changes.

One of the most special features of this village is the “Fever Clinic”. It is a prefabricated complex of isolation rooms inside the Olympic village on Tokyo Bay. Here the athletes or staff suspected of carrying COVID-19 will receive their PCR tests. Also, the daily Covid-19 test is compulsory in the village. Two tests of Covid-19 must be done for the residents of the Olympic Village upon leaving their homes. However, they will be tested again upon arrival into the Olympic Village. IOC has decided to send back the athletes who test positive!

However, Covid suspects or positive patients will become the residents of the ‘Fever Clinic’.

Other special features include the massive two-floored dining hall, the fitness center, and a special “casual dining area”. This area will serve famous Japanese dishes from okonomiyaki ( savory pancake) to rice balls and teppanyaki (dishes cooked on an iron grill). 

Previously, the Olympic Village dining halls had self- service. But, keeping in mind the safety of athletes and officials, this time the staff will serve the food. However, the athletes can grab their own soft drinks.

Other Rules

Recently, the officials have revised some of the regulations and also the distribution of condoms. Now, the athletes can carry alcohol inside the Tokyo Olympic Village. For this, they will follow some rules.

Also, the officials had earlier stated that they will distribute condoms in the village to spread awareness about HIV AIDS. Since the revision of the rules, it has become more clear. There is leniency but the athletes must follow the rules. There is still an ongoing debate over allowing spectators.

Despite the conditions, the athletes have trained hard. All the countries are looking forward to this event. If organized, the Olympics will surely boost the morale of a lot of people around the world!

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