Alcohol consumption during Covid-19 across the globe

Adults boosted their alcohol consumption during the Covid-19 lockdown, according to a study. Furthermore, when it comes to women, they raised their consumption by over 41%. According to a national poll in the United States, adult alcohol consumption has increased by 14% over the age of 30.

Aside from that, another survey found that consumption has climbed by 19% among adults. On top of that 17% among women, and 10% among non-Hispanic White people.

Alcohol consumption across globe
Credits: BBC

Lead author Michael Pollard from RAND Corporation stated that consumption can become a negative aspect of one’s life. Moreover, this can lead to ample negative consequences. Thus, this can affect an individual mental as well as physical health.

All these studies are based on the survey made by 1540 adults who represents the RAND American Life Panel. They interviewed several people about their alcohol consumption during 2019 and 2020.

According to researchers, the increased alcohol use and heavy drinking during the pandemic underscore the need for primary care clinicians. Moreover, the need of behavioural health practitioners, and family members to be aware of the risks of increased alcohol use and excessive drinking.

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