Cab drivers strike against electric bike taxis in Karnataka

Cab drivers strike in Karnataka have recently asked the government to reverse rules allowing electric bike taxis in Bengaluru. They argue that as a result of the electric bike taxis, they will receive fewer rides.

According to Tanveer Pasha (President of the Ola Uber Drivers and Owners Association), these drivers have already suffered severely by Covid-19. Furthermore, deploying electric bike taxis will result in Ola and Uber’s drivers receiving fewer rides. Around 200 individuals showed up at the traffic commissioner’s office and handed in a petition to get the order revoked.

Cab drivers strike in Karnataka
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However, the group stated that they will wait a few weeks before taking additional action based on the government’s decision. They further stated that if they do not receive a satisfactory reaction from the government, they will continue their strike indefinitely.

Furthermore, N Shivakumar (Commissioner of Transport and Road Safety) remarked that electric bike taxis will appeal to a variety of people. The government, on the other hand, is unlikely to revoke the permit.

Despite this, the government previously declared in their electric bike taxi scheme that bikes will boost urban mobility. Additionally, they will serve as a bridge for people to bypass massive traffic bottlenecks. However, the scheme only allowed electric bike taxis to operate not those that run on petrol.

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