How Travel business will survive after covid -19

After the Covid-19 disaster, the travel business is still under question. So, how travel business will survive after covid -19? Therefore, travelers seek the advice of travel advisors, who know more about the industry than they do.

The main concerns travelers have are safety. About the shops opening, and whether the hotels have implemented enhanced hygiene measures. This also includes having an advocate on hand in case something goes wrong before, during, or after their trip.

In addition, travelers accept new processes with a positive attitude. 

For example, Global Rescue[iii] conducted a recent survey in which over 90% of respondents indicated they were willing to submit themselves to COVID-19 testing and screening when traveling.

As our prediction about the future of travel, will be influenced by the following trends:

Experience the New

Online customer confidence is becoming increasingly important in travelers’ decision-making.

Virtuoso’s survey of global advisors in July 2020 showed that while 43% of respondents consider the recovery process to take six months or longer. Another 53% of respondents are optimistic that the pandemic will create opportunities to redesign products and services.

They also universally agreed at 83% that maintaining flexible cancellation and rebooking policies was key to restoring consumer confidence, particularly for international travel.

By utilizing contactless technologies, health and wellness can be brought to the forefront.

The COVID-19 era will end with health and wellness practices no longer considered nice-to-haves. There will be higher expectations for travelers to ensure their safety. Thus, digital tools will enable and expand current “no-touch” options.

As an example, travelers and hotel guests are likely to use mobile devices throughout their travels. You can now check in at hotels with a keyless entry system and a digital passport.

A live-streaming platform that promotes business live

Streaming live video online and considering face-to-face meetings has become a popular online entertainment trend among hotels and resorts promotions.

Furthermore, hotels hire celebrities to act as tour guides to introduce hotel and resort offerings and the latest discounts. Based on the survey, the interviewed hotels are following this trend.

Live streaming is an excellent way for viewers to share ideas and communicate with. Still, there are multiple ways to overcome the situation of how the travel business will survive after covid -19?  

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