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Explore The Interesting Facts About Kedarnath: The Shiv- Lok

The place Kedarnath is a small town in Rudraprayag district, Uttarakhand. It is the Hindu pilgrimage Centre located in North India on the bank of the Mandakini river. The altitude is 3584 m above sea level. ‘ Kedar’ ‘Khand’ is the historical name of Kedarnath.

Furthermore, the temple was built in the 8th century A.D. by Adi Shankaracharya. Moreover, according to the legends the temple was constructed by Pandavas of Mahabharata.

It is believed that the Kedarnath Yatra means to discover God and get United with him. the place is surrounded by beautiful Himalayan mountains in the Garhwal range. As a result, The place is full of amazing stories of its history and origin. Let’s explore a few of them.

The Temple Is Protected By The Deity Itself

The deity Bhaironathji guards and protects the Kedarnath temple. As a result, the Bhairo Nath Temple is also located near the Kedarnath temple. It is believed that he keep away the Evil spirits from Temple when it remains closed.

 Furthermore, even when the devastating flood and landslide came in 2013 in Kedarnath. The entire town was destroyed but no harm happened to the temple. A huge boulder came down the Mountain but strangely stopped a few meters away from the temple.

The Pooja Is Conducted In Kannada by Karnataka Priests

 The beautiful unity of North and South Hindu shrines can be seen in this Temple. The members of the Rawal community do all the rituals. These members belong to the Veera Shaiva Sangam community of Karnataka. Continuing from 10th century A.D. the Pooja here is performed in the Kannada language.

The Unique Shiva Lingam

The shiva lingam in the temple is in a triangle shape. It is unique among all other Shiva lingam. Also when the temple gets closed in winter for 6 months. The idol of Lord Shiva is taken to Omkareshwar Temple for worship. People believe that the head of the idol of Lord Shiva can be seen in the Dholeshwar Mahadev temple. This temple is located in Nepal near Bhaktapur.

Amazing Architecture

The height of the stage on which the Temple stand is 6 feet. It is surprising that how huge and heavy rock was placed at this height. Also the carving of the temple. According to experts, interlocking technology is used to connect the stones. And as a result, due to this interlocking of the stones, the Kedarnath temple stands strong in extreme weather conditions without any harm. The roof of the temple is also carved out of a single stone. The temple was under the snow for 400 years and after that, it came to light.

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