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Interesting Facts About Darjeeling: The Queen Of Himalayas

The mesmerizing hill station Darjeeling lies in the foothills of the Himalayas. The beautiful name of this place came from the Tibetan word. ‘dorje’ which means thunderbolt and ‘Ling’ means land. That is why it is called the land of thunderbolt.

The altitude is 6710 feet. Before the British Raj Darjeeling used to be part of Sikkim and Nepal. But during British rule Caption LIyod successfully convince the king of Sikkim to hand over Darjeeling to the East India Company. Darjeeling was given as a gift from the Sikkim king to the Britishers.

So let’s tickle your curiosity and explore some more interesting facts about the Queen of Hills Darjeeling.

The Largest Ropeway In Asia.

The Rangit valley ropeway is known to be the largest ropeway in Asia. The view of that place is beyond words and it feels like Paradise on earth. A ride on this ropeway you literally pass through clouds. As a result of its great height. Furthermore, one can also get the view of beautiful tea Gardens from that height.

Darjeeling Toy Train Ride

The Darjeeling railways are famously known for the narrow gauge track. That’s why they are simply called toy trains. Moreover, According to UNESCO the ride of these trains is considered the most perfect example of a hill passenger railway. The speed of the train is slow as compared to the normal trains. As a result, you have enough time to enjoy the beauty of the flora and fauna around you.

Best Tea Across The World

It is the best place for tea lovers.  Darjeeling is known for producing the best tea across the world. The origin of tea in mid-1840 is known for its strong aroma, musky, spicy flavor. And also, Black tea is available in different varieties. Moreover, the tea is mostly grown in Kalimpong. Oolong tea is very famous and is also produced in different verities.  

The tea cultivation started here because during the Britishers’ time they were trying to create a supplier of tea other than China. As a result, they found Darjeeling with the perfect climate for cultivation.

Explore the History

One of the oldest Graveyards of Darjeeling is being considered as a place of national importance by ASI. Furthermore, the graveyard also has Lloyd’s grave. He is known as a discoverer of Darjeeling. Some of the graves there also date back to the 1940s.

You can also relive the colonial days as the place have beautiful bungalows made by the British army chief’s.  The two most popular bungalows from the colonial era are Morgan house and Crickety.

A windamere hotel is also a historic place. During British rule, it was originally a boarding house for the bachelor English Men.

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